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Posted by: KAL9000 Osprey's campaign series is missing a key battle
Posted on: 12/09/2021 18:05:08

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Posted by: PAUL W
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I agree with a lot of the suggestions on this post. Definitely interested in Cold Harbour, Stones River and Mobile Bay. Really liked the sound of Mr Herder's suggestion for West port, I'd certainly support that idea. Finally I'd also be very keen on a campaign or campaigns on the Mexican- American war.

Posted on: 15/10/2021 15:13:52
Posted by: Molly @ Osprey
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Hi all,

Many thanks for your suggestions on the books you'd like to see published! I will pass over your suggestions to editorial.

Best wishes,


Marketing Assistant 

Posted on: 07/10/2021 09:33:43
Posted by: KAL9000
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I'm definitely interested in a title on Price's raid. I also agree with AdamC that we should see Mobile Bay and Cold Harbor titles. Osprey has covered the beginning of the Overland campaign, but not the rest. I'm wondering if Osprey would group Cold Harbor wilth North Anna and all of the other post Spotsylvania battles. Honestly a Fort Fisher title would also be interesting.

Posted on: 04/10/2021 19:12:22
Posted by: Tarawa90
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Thank you for coming on the Forum Mr. Herder.  We always love to hear from the authors and what you're working on for future projects.

I can't say I know too much about the Trans-Mississippi theater, so with that in mind it sounds fascinating.  I recall Pea Ridge and Wilson's Creek were mentioned in book votes a ways back but I don't think they placed too highly.  Any 'oddball' Civil War additions would be welcome.


I also want to say that I recently read your volumes on the Argonne and the Naval Seige of Japan, both were excellent, and I'm looking forward to East China Sea.  Are there other projects you're working on and are looking at pitching to the editing team?

Posted on: 30/09/2021 00:50:20
Posted by: brianwithani
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Osprey author Brian Lane Herder here. How is everyone? I grew up and still live near the Kansas City, Missouri area. Among other projects, I have spent the last five years researching and designing what I hope will eventually become a future Campaign title - WESTPORT 1864: Price's Raid and the Midwest's Greatest Battle. The Westport campaign was a last-ditch Confederate attempt to capture first St. Louis and then possibly Kansas City and Leavenworth, Kansas. The campaign's main battle took place in what is now modern-day Kansas City. The largely cavalry vs cavalry campaign combines the largest Civil War land battle west of the Mississippi with a heavy Wild West element. Westport is obviously my "home" battle, meaning in addition to the usual research I have walked and photographed the preserved battlefield. The Confederate retreat from Kansas City saw the second-largest cavalry battle of the American Civil War at Mine Creek, Kansas, very close to my boyhood home. All in all it's a fascinating campaign with a shocking amount of once and future Wild West and Border War personalities who were present on both sides - Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill, Jesse and Frank James, Jeremiah Johnson, William Quantrill, Bloody Bill Anderson, George Todd, Frederick Benteen, Doc Jennison, Jim Lane, and plenty of others - something like four state governors and five US senators.  

If you are a fan of the American Civil War in the West, or the American Wild West in general, and would like to see this title in the Campaign series, please let Osprey know there is support behind it. I would love to write it for you. 

Thank you, 

Brian Lane Herder


Posted on: 28/09/2021 14:30:31
Posted by: AdamC
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Morning all,

Yes, I agree that Stones River is a big gap in Osprey's ACW coverage along with the aformentioned Mobile Bay and Cold Harbour. They've also not touched on the 1863 fighting for Charleston either (1st Charleston Harbor, 1st Fort Wagner, Grimball’s Landing, 2nd Fort Wagner, 2nd Charleston, Fort Sumter). I'd probably also throw in Red River and Corinth as well. 

As far as the Mexican-American war is concerned I'd love to see them do a Campaign on that conflict. Again it's certainly a gap in their coverage and one I'm surprised hasnt been done by now. 

Posted on: 16/09/2021 07:46:34
Posted by: Tarawa90
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Ditto here.  Been to Stones River myself.  They just wanted to give everyone a cool down before hitting us with the Gettysburg 3-parter.  They've also avoided Cold Harbor and Mobile Bay.

YES on the Mexican War!  It's been my cause du jour around here for a couple years now.  Unfortunately I see it as unlikely in 2023 given the Gettysburg 3-parter.  Too much 1800s US for you guys across the pond to handle.

Posted on: 13/09/2021 15:36:28
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Odd isn't it? A few years ago Osprey were churning out 2 or 3 AWI titles every year, but recently they have dried up completely. Serves me right for grumbling about it probably, and now we get nothing but WW2.

So yes, I'd be very likely to buy a Campaign on Stones River. But even more than that I would like ANYTHING on the Mexican-American War.

Posted on: 13/09/2021 11:13:49
Posted by: KAL9000
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Stones River 1862-63 was a key battle in the west, especially in light of the Union defeat at Fredericksburg earlier that year. Some of the most important commanders and units in the west fought there. It also started a chain of events that eventually led to the battles of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, which Osprey has covered. Meanwhile, Stones River is infamous for having the highest proportional casualities on either side. I think it deserves a dedicated campaign title. What do you all think? 

Posted on: 12/09/2021 18:05:09

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