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CAMPAIGN: The Macabees revolt

I enjoyed the Jewish Revolt AD 66-74 and was wondering why not a CAMPAIGN title from Osprey on the 167-160 BC Jewish revolt against the Greek Seleucids? It involved many battles and the color plates w...

Created on: 29/12/2013 05:11:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 05/01/2014 06:59:00
Posted by: Amaral
Ancient World CAMPAIGN books badly needed

Hello, what is your opinion on Ancient CAM books from Osprey on this battles? 1. Megiddo 1457 BC 2. Qarqar 853 BC 3. Guagamela 333 BC 4. Raphia 217 BC 5. Illipa 206 BC 6. Zama 202 BC 7. Cynosce...

Created on: 21/01/2014 14:56:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 25/03/2014 13:39:00
Posted by: LittleFrenchGirlHatesMike
Ancient World CAMPAIGN books badly needed edited part 2

I apologize to all those who do not like daft lists, as this is my last one, a new version of my Ancient CAMS from the other day. I will explain in my own comments after the post why these deserve a b...

Created on: 22/01/2014 17:03:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 23/01/2014 09:52:00
Posted by: AdamC
pylos and sphacteria

finally, this weekend, I had time to read through this Book! and,...what an enjoyable read this was! Well reserched, well written, well ilustrated! I liked it very much! Good work William Shpherd and ...

Created on: 27/01/2014 17:30:00
Created by: achim
Posted on: 17/02/2014 09:03:00
Posted by: Amaral
Book Vote

As usual with book votes, I'm torn. I want both Amazons (hey I'm the one who suggested it!) and Irish Warriors! Now to be fair I'd like all of them actually, but geez Osprey, why do you have to do t...

Created on: 01/02/2014 00:14:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 04/02/2014 03:33:00
Posted by: Nightbird
Israelite conquest of Canaan

What do you all think of a Osprey CAMPAIGN on the 1400 BC Israelite conquest of Canaan led by Joshua?

Created on: 01/02/2014 16:28:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 25/03/2014 13:29:00
Posted by: Mike@@Osprey
Roman-Syrian war and battle of Magnesia 190 BC

As a fan of the Romans I would love to see a CAM book on their war with the Seleucids in 190 BC that included the famous battle of Magnesia. Does anyone like this idea?

Created on: 11/02/2014 02:32:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 13/02/2014 17:32:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
Henchmen of Ares

A new overview of warfare in ancient Greece from the Mycenaean Bronze Age down to the Persian Wars, written by Josho Brouwers. Much has already been written on warfare in ancient Greece. Yet there ...

Created on: 11/02/2014 07:32:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 15/02/2014 03:22:00
Posted by: Amaral
Ancient Vietnamese Armies

What is the opinion on a MAA on Ancient Vietnamese Armies? Maybe this book could talk about the wars with China.

Created on: 13/02/2014 18:26:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 15/02/2014 10:25:00
Posted by: Nightbird
Ancient weapons ideas

1) The Roman Gladius and Spatha swords 2) Ancient Javelin types 3) The Dori and and Sarrissa 4) The Composite Bow 5) The Kopis 6) Shields

Created on: 18/02/2014 02:09:00
Created by: Blood Rave
Posted on: 26/02/2014 20:53:00
Posted by: sassan
Peter Dennis & more Ancient Artwork

Hi Folks Having come to admire the graphic and meticulous detailed artwork of Mr Dennis, I would like to see more artwork from Mr Dennis on the osprey period of 'ancient' IF I had chance I WOULD...

Created on: 18/02/2014 21:45:00
Created by: Simon McShannon
Posted on: 19/02/2014 15:39:00
Posted by: hobbe62

I would love to see more books on the ancient Persians, especially the Achaemenids, considering they ruled one of the largest land empires in history. While I enjoyed Nicholas Sekunda's earlier wor...

Created on: 21/02/2014 10:16:00
Created by: Doe3000
Posted on: 21/03/2014 11:15:00
Posted by: Gaiiten
Two naval encounters of the Greco-Roman world

Two naval encounters showing the importance of the dominance of the seas and how tactics and weapons can be used for decisive action. - Aegospotami 405 BC After its defeat at Syracuse, Athens wa...

Created on: 25/03/2014 18:22:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 02/04/2014 11:40:00
Posted by: sassan
My little list

Here are a few ideas for future works on the military history of Ancient World: Sumerian Armies (MAA) Sargon of Akkad’s Army (MAA) The Maurya Empire’s Army (MAA) The Maya (WAR) Khopesh (W...

Created on: 02/04/2014 14:25:00
Created by: Luernos
Posted on: 25/06/2014 16:32:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
Fortifications of the Byzantine Empire

This could make a reasonable topic for Osprey to publish on. Has anyone seen or have a list (1000 years worth!). There is bits of information all over the web but I cannot find a specific list. Second...

Created on: 17/04/2014 23:22:00
Created by: snibor
Posted on: 19/04/2014 10:27:00
Posted by: Württemberger
Roman Soldier v Germanic Warrior!

I picked up my copy today and had a quick flick on the train home. First impressions, the modern illustrations are really excellent and the re-enactor photographs are very well chosen. Unfortunate...

Created on: 16/05/2014 17:15:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 08/06/2014 05:43:00
Posted by: jacdaw
Alesia 52 BC, pre-order?

I was going to purchase Alesia 52 BC but it is still marked as preorder and marked as out in June, that was in July. Also Bn.com has it for preorder with a publication date of July. Osprey’s websit...

Created on: 14/07/2014 01:08:00
Created by: Destory Of Worlds
Posted on: 14/07/2014 11:46:00
Posted by: Michael Kazich @ Osprey
The Roman Way of War

A 46:44 min documentaryhttp://youtu.be/jsoIVRwgDpo

Created on: 07/08/2014 17:37:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 16/08/2014 15:12:00
Posted by: Blood Rave
Deaths in the Iliad

Deaths in the Iliadhttp://greekmythcomix.wordpress.com/comic/deaths-in-the-iliad-a-classics-infographic/What Makes a Homeric Herohttp://greekmythcomix.wordpress.com/comic/what-makes-a-homeric-hero/

Created on: 15/08/2014 03:36:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 16/08/2014 18:50:00
Posted by: Amaral
Germanic Warrior AD 236–568" eBook Release?,"Is there any prevision of the "Germanic Warrior AD 236–568" book being released in digital format? I would love to get it, but have little physical space left in my shelves to store more books. Created on: 17/08/2014 20:47:00
Created by: Andrettin
Posted on: 18/08/2014 09:34:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
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