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The Jewish Revolt AD 66-74, worth the wait?

Having waited for months for the Jewish Revolt as it got delayed repeatedly I had to read it as soon as I could get my hands on it. I found Si Sheppard’s treatment to be a very good book. There was ...

Created on: 14/11/2013 20:56:00
Created by: Destory Of Worlds
Posted on: 21/12/2013 17:01:00
Posted by: william
Strange spearhead

Hello, I came across one interesting drawing of a spearhead with lugs. Here is the picture: http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2820/10790214433_e662b85ebf_o_d.jpg I know of late medieval and caroling...

Created on: 11/11/2013 01:48:00
Created by: masakrator
Posted on: 13/11/2013 02:54:00
Posted by: CMB
Archaeology: The Army of Cambyses

Vanished Persian Army Said Found in Desert The remains of a mighty Persian army said to have drowned in the sands of the western Egyptian desert 2,500 years ago might have been finally located, sol...

Created on: 28/09/2013 07:41:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 19/11/2013 18:52:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
Late Ancient titles - difficult to get the authors for?

Hello, a question for the staff, is it difficult to get authors for writing sourcebooks for the Late Ancient era? It is very under-represented in your publications, but there are many great titels p...

Created on: 22/09/2013 19:46:00
Created by: Gaiiten
Posted on: 30/09/2013 03:16:00
Posted by: Blood Rave
The Trojan War

I saw some Myth books the other day and the idea popped up. What are the prospects of a book on the Trojan War?

Created on: 21/09/2013 02:51:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 07/02/2014 21:58:00
Posted by: .George Washington
Selucid warfare

It would be interesting if there would come a Men-at-arms book about the Seleucids.

Created on: 08/09/2013 00:33:00
Created by: moraka
Posted on: 07/02/2014 21:48:00
Posted by: .George Washington
Naval battles, first punic war.

The rise of roman navy, was the decisive factor in the first punic war, from almost nothing to a naval power!! The campaigns in Africa and Sicily secondary, the naval battles was the decisive fac...

Created on: 07/09/2013 13:33:00
Created by: xeneize
Posted on: 21/09/2013 02:52:00
Posted by: Amaral
Romans X Barbarians

I watched this documentary named "Conquest" of the time when The History Channel work with historical subjects and I believe some of you will enjoy it. Roman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7OzLQ...

Created on: 01/09/2013 05:36:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 02/09/2013 01:20:00
Posted by: Amaral
Roman Military Standards and Shield Blazons!

There should be enough evidence for an Elite or MAA on this subject, (something along the lines of Samurai Heraldry). Showing known examples of individual legionary Eagles and Signa. Also Praetorian a...

Created on: 14/08/2013 08:34:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 30/11/2013 15:12:00
Posted by: Ironside
Ancient titles

Hello all, I have noticed that ancient titles tend to lose out to other periods in the polls. For example, I recall that in the last poll Zama and Gaugamela, both incredibly important battles, foun...

Created on: 03/08/2013 12:40:00
Created by: Hamilcar
Posted on: 22/11/2013 00:32:00
Posted by: Simon McShannon
Battle of Alesia

The battle of Alesia was a large battle in the Gallic Wars and Caesar's greatest military triumph. I think it is more than the appropriate time for Osprey to do a CAM book on this! who is with me?

Created on: 01/08/2013 18:17:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 02/09/2013 14:12:00
Posted by: albertomv
Late Hellenic!

I had hoped that MAA Macedonian Armies After Alexander' would be the first in a series about the Successor Kingdoms, with their admixture of classic Macedonian troops and unique local troop types. The...

Created on: 30/07/2013 11:55:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 05/08/2013 13:48:00
Posted by: Crested Owl
Roman Field Engineering.

The Roman Legions built their empire as much with pick and shovel as they did with the sword! Does anybody fancy an Elite on Roman Army Engineers. In fact engineering and bridging is an area that ...

Created on: 14/07/2013 12:52:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 01/08/2013 20:21:00
Posted by: Crested Owl
Roman Invasion of Britain AD 43

We've had the Boudiccan revolt and Mons Graphius covered by Osprey, How about a campaign covering the initial invasion. It was a very key moment in the history of the British Isles. With leaders like ...

Created on: 03/06/2013 07:35:00
Created by: Blood Rave
Posted on: 11/02/2014 13:38:00
Posted by: .George Washington
At last Zama!!!!!

Osprey is considering Zama, perhaps the next year we will have a book , long overdue topic!!!

Created on: 02/06/2013 01:23:00
Created by: xeneize
Posted on: 03/06/2013 23:01:00
Posted by: Neil Grant
Pike vs Legion campaign titles

i was wondering if a campaign title of the roman battles with the Hellenistic states is being take in consideration. The battles of Cynoscephalae, Magnesia and Pydna the most famous among the others.

Created on: 21/05/2013 17:10:00
Created by: andresrojas22
Posted on: 31/05/2013 13:47:00
Posted by: Württemberger
New policy regarding the use of BC (Before Christ)?

NVG 196 Warships of the Ancient World (3000-500 BC) use a mix of BC (Before Christ) and BCE (Before Common Era). The book's subtitle use BC while the texts within the book (including the Introductio...

Created on: 18/05/2013 20:24:00
Created by: hobbe62
Posted on: 01/07/2013 20:18:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
Late Roman Army

I would like to see Osprey publish a Battle Orders book on the Late Roman Army or Western Empire Roman army and Eastern Empire Roman Army.

Created on: 02/05/2013 19:42:00
Created by: Madcat
Posted on: 01/08/2013 13:36:00
Posted by: Hugo Rodrigues
North European bronze age armies.

Considering the archeological discoveries in the past years of bronze age battle field in German and rock inscriptions in Sweden interest is growing for warfare in northern Europe during the bronze ag...

Created on: 29/04/2013 23:31:00
Created by: Hobbyinovator
Posted on: 30/04/2013 11:39:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
Mithridatic Wars 89-62 BC

Hey guys, Just wondering what people thought of the Mithridatic Wars as an Essential Histories title. I feel the armies, campaigns and battles would benefit greatly from an osprey treatment (maps, ...

Created on: 25/04/2013 14:57:00
Created by: Hamilcar
Posted on: 07/02/2014 21:51:00
Posted by: .George Washington
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