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Posted by: Griffon
Posted on: 25/01/2018 15:16:53

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Posted by: Griffon
Total Posts: 51
Joined Date: Friday, 21 May 2010

Hey Guys!

bought the first two titles in the new series and I have to say, I am quite happy with them; I have the Bruce Gamble books about the battles for and around Rabaul and also "Fire in the Sky" by Eric Bergerud so I was not completely uninitiated about those aerial battles; after devoting the first 30 minutes delving through it, I think the new Air Campaign title is really great, featuring great art work as well (as expected when you know who did it :) );

the BoB title is also quite nice, I hope the content can keep up with my initial impression after reading through it a little bit and seeing the artwork (also great) and diagrams;

all in all, I think this might become my favourite series now (together with Duel), I hope the next two volumes will be as good as these two..




Posted on: 25/01/2018 15:16:54
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Joined Date: Monday, 4 February 2013

That sounds very posative, Griffon. Please let us know more when you finish reading both books. How do they differ from the other series? More or less pictures/maps? Do they give much technical detail about the aircraft, or is it just a chronology? A full review would be very welcome!

Posted on: 26/01/2018 16:30:32
Posted by: Griffon
Total Posts: 51
Joined Date: Friday, 21 May 2010

Dear Paintybeard!

You are welcome :) I will do a short review of both but I think the first one will be the BoB title as I am currently thick into reading stuff about the BoB; from a first "longer" reading session with it, I have to admit I do not agree with some of Mr. Dildy´s comments and conclusions; I still think that Stephen Bunguay did the best single volume on the BoB and I think his conclusions are the most accurate ones, followed by Christer Bergströms book; the most questionworthy conclusion in this new BoB title is the idea that the LW could have actually won the battle - from what I have read in above named book and several others, NEVER EVER! also, his assessment of several key aircraft is what has been written about those types in several older books; Bunguays comments about the Hurricane/Spitfire comparison regarding resilience to enemy fire and Bergströms assessment of the BF-110s effectiveness can be posted here as examples...

still I think it is a good volume and introductory title to the Battle of Britain before delving deeper into the topic; I would definitely buy it again and I plan to buy the following volumes too as I like the general layout and concept of this new series...

a deeper review will follow once I have finished reading the books...

Posted on: 26/01/2018 18:24:22

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