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Posted by: Chobi Hi to all, Here are some of the neglected titles in Combat Aircraft series I think many people would be happy to see in the future. -B-25 Mitchell units of the Pacific & CBI (possibly even 2 volumes) -USAAF A-20 Havoc units of WW2 -Aichi 99 Kanbaku 'Val' units 1942-1945 (+ its successor D4Y combat record) -Japanese Navy torpedo bomber units of WW2 (B5N, B6N, B7A, P1Y) -Japanese Army bomber units of WW2 (Ki-21, Ki-48, Ki-49, Ki-51, Ki-67) -Japanese Navy & Army reconnaissance units of WW2 -He 177 Greif units of WW2 -Short Stirling squadrons of WW2 -Wellington squadrons of WW2 What do you think? : )
Posted on: 13/04/2014 21:13:00

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Posted by: 1830
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Hello: I support all your suggestions and I add JU 52 units of Luftwaffe: Spanish Civil War, airborne operations in Norway, Netherlands and Creta, suppling encicled troops in Demyansk an Stalingrad.
Posted on: 13/04/2014 23:24:00
Posted by: DAZ REICH
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The Heinkel Greif book really interests me, there is not enough info out there on them and I would like to know a little more.
Posted on: 15/04/2014 00:32:00
Posted by: hierro
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My WW2 combat aircraft is : .-Nakajima B5N .-Mitsubishi G3M .-Junkers Ju52(West,Mediterranean,East Front) .-Dornier Do17/Do217 .-Short Stirling .-Vickers Wellington .-Martin PBM Mariner
Posted on: 15/04/2014 10:38:00
Posted by: ASM
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Nice list this last one but I will much prefer Air Vanguard...
Posted on: 15/04/2014 13:22:00
Posted by: Ricky
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I mostly waiting for He 111 Kampfgeschwader on the mediterranean sea
Posted on: 07/06/2014 06:39:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
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The Greif is severely overlooked. Strange really for such a sexy aircraft with an extensive combat record. Apart from the "baby blitz" there are the fairly unknown, but quite successful, operations on the Russian front which was the closest Germany got to strategic bombing.
Posted on: 19/07/2014 14:14:00

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