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Still no campaign title about Koniggratz/Sadowa, 1866

I don't understand why we still have to wait for a campaign title about one of the crucial wars in nineteenth century Europe. Lots of new WWII books (some about pretty minor operations), but the war ...

Created on: 04/01/2013 17:35:00
Created by: grendel
Posted on: 11/06/2013 14:58:00
Posted by: massaan
Not Many British Personality 'Last Stands' ?!

This is further to another topic I started, but unlike the famously well-used title in films, etc., being 'Custer's Last Stand' obviously about the Little Bighorn 1876 due to the fact that he was the ...

Created on: 13/01/2013 16:58:00
Created by: Equaliser
Posted on: 04/02/2013 17:57:00
Posted by: Equaliser
Celebrating the War of 1812

Considering that we will still be celebrating the bicentennial of the War of 1812 for the next two years, and that we are getting the eagerly anticipated Chesapeake Campaign book, I would like to see ...

Created on: 24/01/2013 04:26:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 14/02/2013 15:28:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
more titles on the Mexican American war

Osprey did a good job at covering the Mexican war in their essential histories. but the major battles in the war have not been given their own campaign books, other 19th century areas need attention,l...

Created on: 27/01/2013 04:09:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 31/01/2013 00:41:00
Posted by: formwiz
campaign title on Ayacucho 1824

we still lack a essential histories on the South American independence wars and campaign books on some major battles,with the biggest being Ayacucho in Peru in 1824 between the Spanish and Simon Boliv...

Created on: 27/01/2013 04:18:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 31/01/2013 00:01:00
Posted by: 1830
The French Army of the Crimean War

The French Army was the most professional army of the Crimea, but there is not a single book about it here. Albert Seaton's "The Russian Army of the Crimea" was one of my first Osprey books. He says t...

Created on: 04/02/2013 03:25:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 16/03/2013 16:11:00
Posted by: AdamC
more Franco-Prussian war titles

Osprey has done a good job covering the Franco-Prussian war but there are still some gaps left to be covered. here are obvious ones. 1. CAMPAIGN Sedan 1870 2. CAMPAIGN Paris 1870-71 3. MEN-AT-ARMS ...

Created on: 08/02/2013 01:16:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 17/02/2013 09:20:00
Posted by: FJ-1973
How about the Polish uprisings?

If "Polish Armies of the Partitions" could make it to the print, I think a MAA or Essential Histories on the 19th-century struggle for Polish independence against Russia will have no problem too. Pola...

Created on: 17/02/2013 17:05:00
Created by: Fomalexieich
Posted on: 19/02/2013 11:07:00
Posted by: MTG
War of the Pacific and War of the Triple Alliance

both of these South American wars need coverage, they have been requested many times and are big gaps. hope they get coverage soon.

Created on: 17/02/2013 22:01:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 19/02/2013 01:43:00
Posted by: 1830
The North West rebellion

the 1885 North West rebellion was fought in Saskatchwen between the Canadians and the Metis and Cree led by Loius Riel,who had rebelled in 1870. there were about 10 battles and quite a few casulaties....

Created on: 17/02/2013 22:22:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 18/02/2013 23:28:00
Posted by: formwiz
Confirmed: Essential Histories on the Latin American wars of independence - possibly November 2013!

Full story from the author himself: http://ht.ly/i10Jp From the blog: "I am proud to announce that Osprey Publishing will release "Wars of Spanish American Independence 1810-1826" by John Fletch...

Created on: 25/02/2013 22:34:00
Created by: Railok
Posted on: 13/04/2013 00:39:00
Posted by: Toussaint Louverture
Australian frontier wars

Captain Cook landed at Australia in 1770 and came into contact with Australian aborgines. in 1788,settlers first began arriving to Australia,and came into conflict with the Aborgines. one aborgine lea...

Created on: 27/02/2013 00:07:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 28/02/2013 12:53:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
Ashanti empire

the Ashanti empire in Ghana was a very strong power and deserve a men-at-arms. in 1701 the Ashanti defeated the Dekirya empire at the battle of Feyiase. in 1764,they defeated the Oyos and Dahomeys at...

Created on: 01/03/2013 15:53:00
Created by: mrhistory2
Posted on: 02/03/2013 16:49:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
The Great Comanche Raid of 1840

This was a raid if ever there was one! Done to avenge their chiefs that were killed by the treacherous Texans in San Antonio, the Comanche led by Buffalo Hump made it all the way to the gulf of Mexic...

Created on: 09/03/2013 12:33:00
Created by: WickedMessenger
Posted on: 10/03/2013 16:47:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
Some old proposals and new ones for consideration.

Yes I'm going to beat the dead horse on proposals again. Most of these are 19th Century American but there's also a couple 20th Century. My first one is probably a long off pipe dream, but I think i...

Created on: 14/03/2013 03:45:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 17/03/2013 22:45:00
Posted by: Amaral
Shangani Patrol

An Osprey campaign book on Shangai patrol of 1893 would be awesome. You might have heard of it,as it is relatively known,but some may have not,so I will give a summary. It was part of the First Matabe...

Created on: 18/03/2013 00:11:00
Created by: MrHistory 2
Posted on: 20/03/2013 18:31:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
Men at Arms book on the 1st Sino Japanese War?

I have developed a deep interest in the Chinese self-strengthening movement and I was wondering if it were in the works or possibly even a distant dream that one day Osprey would publish a men at arms...

Created on: 20/03/2013 12:07:00
Created by: TheEmperor
Posted on: 28/03/2013 08:33:00
Posted by: Nick Hunter
Review: MAA 487 "The New Zealand Wars 1820-72"

Following Amaral’s recent excellent book review, here’s my effort: Review: MAA 487 “The New Zealand Wars 1820-72” By Ian Knight, Illustrated by Raffeale Ruggeri This very we...

Created on: 22/03/2013 19:00:00
Created by: Paintybeard
Posted on: 27/03/2013 00:57:00
Posted by: MrHistory 2
Campaign suggestion: The French conquest of Algeria 1830-1847

I think a really good 19th century campaign book on the French conquest of Algeria from 1830-1847. France invaded Algiers in 1830 following the Fan affair in 1827.The French went to war with Morocco,...

Created on: 27/03/2013 01:02:00
Created by: MrHistory 2
Posted on: 01/04/2013 08:33:00
Posted by: FJ-1973
RAID: Britsh attack on Aden 1839

Does anyone think a raid book on the 1839 British attack on Aden,Yemen would be a good raid title?

Created on: 28/03/2013 23:14:00
Created by: MrHistory 2
Posted on: 04/05/2013 06:55:00
Posted by: A customer that is tired of Mr History. Seriously.
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