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Greek War of Independence

It is high time Osprey did a Essential Histories title on this war. It was one of the important wars for Independence in the 19th century. It had many colorful figures and battles involved, and could ...

Created on: 08/07/2014 14:40:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 28/09/2014 14:22:00
Posted by: Jimsats
Durnford's Last Stand !

Hey ho, back again on my quest ! Probably don't remember me, but I am kinda forgettable anyway ! Right Osprey, I'm urgently seeking a change to any re-release of your Isandhlwana Campaign, as in...

Created on: 19/05/2014 15:18:00
Created by: Equaliser
Posted on: 20/05/2014 13:00:00
Posted by: Equaliser
French adventure in Mexico titles

Today this war came up with Cinco De Mayo, and I am aware that a MAA was published sometimes back. However, there are other books to be done: Here a few: Puebla 1862-63 CAM Danjou's Hand-Camerone 18...

Created on: 06/05/2014 02:58:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 11/07/2014 01:23:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
Need help finding a book with this Richard Hook illustration

So I was scouring the internet looking for Mexican War images when I came across a lovely plate of US Marines storming Chapultapec castle. Almost immediately I recognized the plate as Richard Hook's ...

Created on: 05/05/2014 05:14:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 05/05/2014 20:52:00
Posted by: .George Washington
Great Sioux War after Little Bighorn

I would love to see a CAM book on the operations of the Great Sioux War 1876-77 after Custer's defeat. Mile's campaign in Montana and Crook's in the Dakotas would be a pretty neat book. Is this a viab...

Created on: 30/04/2014 02:21:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 18/07/2014 19:30:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
My little list for War of 1812

Here are a few of my ideas for Osprey War of 1812 books in the future: 1. Tippecanoe 1811 CAM 2. Queenstown Heights 1812 CAM 3. Fort Meigs 1813 CAM 4. Crysler's Farm/Chateauguay 1813 CAM 5. La...

Created on: 10/04/2014 16:59:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 18/04/2014 05:03:00
Posted by: CMB

Time: 2:18:00

Created on: 02/04/2014 04:12:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 14/05/2014 02:36:00
Posted by: Amaral
RAID suggestion: The Mexican attacks on Texas 1842

I just finished reading CAM 89 the Alamo 1836, which in several pages mentioned Mexican attacks on Texas in 1842. I researched this and it included battles at Salado Creek, the Dawson massacre,Arryo ...

Created on: 24/03/2014 00:42:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 26/03/2014 18:35:00
Posted by: Theanus
Andrew Jackson and the conquest of Florida

What about a RAID title on the conquest of Florida by Andrew Jackson in 1818, Jackson's actions finally secured the United States' southern frontier from Indian raids and effectively removed Spain fro...

Created on: 19/03/2014 18:19:00
Created by: Blood Rave
Posted on: 27/03/2014 19:40:00
Posted by: Dave Hardy
Royal Navy.

Greetings chaps, I recently have been doing quite a bit of reading about India/Afghanistan and the so-called Great Game in the Victorian era, but looking further afield I have noticed a distinct lack ...

Created on: 18/03/2014 06:11:00
Created by: Cicerius
Posted on: 02/06/2014 19:57:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
CAM on San Antonio 1835

How about a CAM on the 1835 capture of San Antonio when the Texans captured the city from the Mexicans which led to the Alamo? Osprey's TWOI books mostly focus on the 1836 campaign, so about they cove...

Created on: 13/03/2014 18:57:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 26/03/2014 18:37:00
Posted by: Theanus
Any info on "Land of the free and the home of the brave"?

Hi. I'm curious if there is any place online I can find details on the upcoming rules from Osprey, "Land of the free and the home of the brave - Wargame rules for North America, 1754-1815"? Thanks

Created on: 05/03/2014 07:57:00
Created by: Colin G. Upton
Posted on: 07/03/2014 21:46:00
Posted by: Colin G. Upton
The Cheasapeake Campaigns...

I swear when I was reading "Origins of the campaign" introduction and the author wrote..."...and now the War of 1812, a vast regional conflict to preserve the sovereignty of the young nation on the Gr...

Created on: 04/03/2014 05:54:00
Created by: Colin G. Upton
Posted on: 05/03/2014 15:23:00
Posted by: tarawa90
Rosas' Great War in the Rio de la Plata 1839-1852

after the Triple Alliance (and perhaps the Pacific and Banana Wars) I think that the "Guerra Grande" should be the next ideal Latinoamerican title, it was a major conflict and many nations were implic...

Created on: 03/03/2014 04:58:00
Created by: Loïc
Posted on: 05/03/2014 00:13:00
Posted by: 1830

When people talks about the War for Cuba they always think about the 1898 Spanish-American War, but the Cubans rebelled against Spain 3 times. I think that Osprey should cover this as an Essential His...

Created on: 05/02/2014 16:47:00
Created by: Alva
Posted on: 12/03/2014 12:22:00
Posted by: Alva
How about a Raid for the Fenian... raids... The Battle of Ridgeway!

Now that the Perry's have announced their new range of British/Canadians for the 1860's my prayers have been answered and before too long the figures required to wargame the Fenian raids will be avail...

Created on: 03/02/2014 07:16:00
Created by: Colin G. Upton
Posted on: 03/02/2014 20:45:00
Posted by: Colin G. Upton
Paraguyan war 1864-1870

If I recall correctly, this has been in the book vote several times and been very popular with forum members. Weep, Gray bird weep is a good account of the war and the Chaco war sold well so I am sure...

Created on: 26/01/2014 20:23:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 26/03/2014 18:47:00
Posted by: Theanus
CAMPAIGN: The Dade Massacre 1835

I enjoyed the Men-at-arms on the Seminole Wars, but found it lacking in detail of the Dade Massacre, the opening battle of the war and possibly the largest. that could be understood for a small book b...

Created on: 21/01/2014 14:59:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 22/01/2014 07:08:00
Posted by: CMB
Mexican-American war needs to be loved

OK, Osprey has not come out with many books on the Mexican-American war, with not a single CAM. the Essential Histories was a good read but there are no doubt out there readers who put it down craving...

Created on: 15/01/2014 18:16:00
Created by: .George Washington
Posted on: 27/01/2014 19:05:00
Posted by: kuvaszsleepybear
Battle of Mountain Meadows 1857

It would be nice to see a Campaign book on the battle of Mountain Meadows. what is your opinion on this?

Created on: 12/01/2014 04:35:00
Created by: Me Taliban
Posted on: 21/01/2014 15:00:00
Posted by: .George Washington
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