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Fortress-Jamestown fortress

Are there any plans for a fortress book on Jamestown? If you do not consider it military history please tell me. Also,I did not like being mrhistory is Back so I went back to the original name. I hope...

Created on: 25/04/2013 03:18:00
Created by: MrHistory 2
Posted on: 29/04/2013 18:47:00
Posted by: murphac
Campaign book for Kongo Civil war 1665-1709

I have been studying the Kongo Civil war of 1665-1709 (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE WARS FROM 1997-present) It involved kings,African opponents,and The Portuguese. In 1665,the Portuguese defeated the C...

Created on: 03/04/2013 23:42:00
Created by: MR HISTORY
Posted on: 15/04/2013 21:16:00
Posted by: Toussaint Louverture
Quarrel Between the Earl of Manchester and Oliver Cromwell: An Episode...

This book, by David Masson and John Bruce, has until recently (2012) been put back in print (out of print since 1923). I was offered a copy just recently on the net, but must plead ignorance as to wh...

Created on: 17/03/2013 12:21:00
Created by: baldrick
Posted on: 10/06/2013 09:30:00
Posted by: baldrick
How well did Vienna 1683 sell?

I am curious as to how well Vienna 1683 (Campaign) sold? It was published in response to an overwhelming response (~70%) on the old style book vote. If it sold well then how come virtually no 17...

Created on: 15/03/2013 18:48:00
Created by: mdaniels
Posted on: 03/04/2013 14:28:00
Posted by: baldrick
The Next 17th Century Campaign Title

I love Osprey's 17th century campaign titles, and I look forward to the next, but I realize they will rarely be made. From reading posts made over the last year or two and ones made by Paintybeard, Ba...

Created on: 12/03/2013 21:05:00
Created by: ospreyfan1
Posted on: 12/08/2013 13:11:00
Posted by: Listowel-Boy
Campaign title for:Jao Modo 1696

One of the most important battles that the Qings fought was the battle of Jao Modo in 1696 in Mongolia. The Mongolians had come into conflict with the Qings before. The Zhungar tribes had a inspired l...

Created on: 09/03/2013 15:27:00
Created by: Tipu Sultan
Posted on: 24/04/2013 07:55:00
Posted by: A customer that is tired of Mr History. Seriously.
Campaign Title for: Lansdown & Roundway Down 1643

The ECW campaign that spanned actions at Lansdown Hill-Siege of Devizes-Roundway Down, in July 1643, is a good example of an initially marginally successful Royalist strategy against the Parliamentari...

Created on: 09/03/2013 12:35:00
Created by: baldrick
Posted on: 10/03/2013 18:37:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
A Campaign for your thoughts

Osprey have covered the English civil wars in pretty good detail (Edgehill, Marston Moor, Newbury and Nasby) as well as the war in Scotland (Auldern and Dunbar) but there is a lack of material on the ...

Created on: 04/02/2013 20:53:00
Created by: Paintybeard
Posted on: 21/06/2013 15:10:00
Posted by: baldrick
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