Flashpoint Trieste

Flashpoint Trieste

The First Battle of the Cold War

General Military
  • Author: Christian Jennings
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 18 May 2017
  • Number of Pages: 304
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Flashpoint Trieste is the story of one year in one city as the Cold War begins. The Western Allies had captured the Adriatic port city before the Russians could reach it, but having survived the war, everybody is now desperate to make it through the liberation. Life is fast and violent, as former warring parties find common cause against the Soviet Union and the borders of the new Europe are being hammered out. Against this deadly backdrop of intelligence operations, escape and revenge, the British and Americans are locked into the opening salvoes of the Cold War on the beautiful shores of the Adriatic, opposing the Russians and Yugoslavs.

This is the story of the first turbulent post-war year of lethal cat-and-mouse in south-eastern Europe, told through the stories of twelve men and women from seven different countries thrown together on a strategically vital frontier between East and West.

Biographical Note

CHRISTIAN JENNINGS is a British freelance foreign correspondent and the author of six works of non-fiction, including At War on the Gothic Line (Osprey Publishing, 2016). Since 1988, across twenty-three countries, he has been writing books and journalism on international current affairs, modern history and popular science for publications ranging from The Economist and Reuters to Wired, The Guardian, and The Scotsman. He has been based variously in Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, Burundi, Kenya and Switzerland. He now lives in Turin, Italy.


Preface: This Land is My Land, June 2016
Author's Note
Part One: The Fall of Trieste
1. The Race for Trieste, April 1945
2. Holding Trieste, 29 April - 1 May
3. The Capture of Trieste, 1-2 May
Part Two: Revenge in Trieste
4. Kidnapped by the Partisans
5. Revenge and Reprisals on the Dalmatian Coast
6. Death on the Plateau, 2-3 May
Part Three: Brinkmanship on the Adriatic
7. Who was Marshal Tito?
8. The Allies' Support for Yugoslavia
9. Marshal Tito Plays a Double Hand
10. Dividing Trieste, June 1945
Part Four: Colonialism on the Adriatic
11. Spies on the Adriatic, May-August 1945
12. Very British Intelligence 166
13. The Capture of Friedrich Rainer and
Odilo Globocnik, May 1945
14. A New Enemy for the Allies, June 1945
15. A New American Sheriff in Trieste, June 1945
Part Five: War in the Shadows
16. Hidden Conflict, July 1945
17. OZNA Sve Dozna (OZNA Can Find Out Anything), August-September 1945
18. A Gurkha Beheading, October-December 1945
Part Six: The New Europe
19. Bloody Compromise, February-April 1946
20. The Free Territory of Trieste, March-August 1947
21. Killing Tito and Dividing Trieste
22. The Numbers, January 1999
Epilogue: What Became of the Characters in the Book
Appendix: Science Finds the Evidence

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