Flags of the Third Reich (3)

Flags of the Third Reich (3)

Party & Police Units

Men-at-Arms 278
  • Author: Brian L Davis
  • Illustrator: Malcolm McGregor
  • Short code: MAA 278
  • Publication Date: 14 Nov 1994
  • Number of Pages: 48
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In his book Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler claims that he made the decision to use the swastika as the emblem for his fledgling movement. He was responsible for the shape the swastika finally took, and for the choice of colours used, which set the pattern for all subsequent flags. In this third of a series of texts [MAA 270 & MAA 274], Brian L. Davis investigates the flags of the Third Reich party and police units, in a text complemented by numerous contemporary photographs, and eight full page colour plates by Malcolm McGregor. Men-at-Arms 270, 274 and 278 are also available in a single volume special edition as 'Flags of the Third Reich'.

Biographical Note

Brian Leigh Davis is one of the world's leading experts on the insignia and regalia of Nazi Germany. He lives and works in Surrey. Malcolm McGregor is a well known military artist who specialises in illustrating flags, banners and standards.


Origins of the Swastika Flag NSDAP Kreis & Ortsgruppen The Sturm-Abteilungen The NSKK The Hitlerjugend The Reichsarbeitsdienst The Plates

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