Flags of the American Civil War (1)

Flags of the American Civil War (1)


Men-at-Arms 252
  • Author: Philip Katcher
  • Illustrator: Richard Scollins
  • Short code: MAA 252
  • Publication Date: 26 Nov 1992
  • ISBN: 9781855322707
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

The very heart of the Confederate fighting unit was its flag, which came in a variety of designs and colours. The flag was the rallying point on the field of battle and it marked the unit headquarters in camp. In 1865, at the war's conclusion, the furling of the defeated Confederate banners signalled the end of that episode in history. As the first of three books focusing on flags of the Civil War, Philip Katcher's text provides a detailed look into Confederate flags. Full colour illustrations and rare photographs portray the myriad variations of flags used to represent the seceding southern states.

Biographical Note

Philip Katcher was born in Los Angeles, California, to parents involved in the film industry. He was educated at the University of Maryland and served in the US Army in Vietnam. He has also been an active participant in living history activities, especially in the 18th and 19th century periods. He has written a number of books on various periods of US military history and presently is editor/publisher of Military Images Magazine. Rick Scollins was one of the most popular artists ever to work for Osprey. His artwork was always realistic and is highly sought after by collectors. Rick Scollins died in December 1992.


Introduction The First National Flag The Second National Flag The Third National Flag Battle Flags; Battle Honours Other Commands Other Flags The Plates

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