Fight to the Death

Fight to the Death

Battle of Guadalcanal

Graphic History 7
  • Author: Larry Hama
  • Illustrator: Anthony Williams, Richard Elson
  • Short code: GHI 7
  • Publication Date: 7 Feb 2007
  • ISBN: 9781846030604
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

The battle of Guadalcanal brutally shattered the myth of Japanese invincibility. August 7, 1942, marked the first American amphibious assault of World War II, and the first attempt to secure the Japanese-controlled island of Guadalcanal. Over 30,000 American and Japanese casualties were suffered during five months of some of the war's most vicious fighting. Vividly bringing to life the arduous struggle that faced soldiers such as valiant Medal of Honor winner Captain Joe Foss, this comic illustrates the Allies' first major offensive action of the Pacific War. For more information, please visit

Biographical Note

Larry Hama is best known as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics where he was responsible for the G. I. Joe comic book of the 1980s, and developing many of the G.I. Joe characters for Hasbro. His other comic book writing credits include Wolverine, Avengers, Elektra, Venom and Batman. Larry also created the Bucky O'Hare comic, which was also turned into a toy line and an animated TV series. He lives and works in New York.Richard Elson is a fine art graduate with over sixteen years experience as a cartoonist and illustrator. His versatility has found a wide variety of outlets in a career that has included extended runs on Sonic the Hedgehog and Britain's premier Sci-Fi anthology 2000 AD. Anthony Williams, also known as The Comic Stripper, has been in the comic stripping business for 20 years. He has illustrated icons such as Batman, Spider-man, Superman, The X-men and Judge Dredd.

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