Confederate Artilleryman 1861–65

Confederate Artilleryman 1861–65

Warrior 34
  • Author: Philip Katcher
  • Illustrator: Bill Younghusband
  • Short code: WAR 34
  • Publication Date: 25 Aug 2001
  • Number of Pages: 64
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In the heady days of the rush to arms in 1861, comparatively few Southern men volunteered for service in the artillery: most preferred the easily accessible glory of the infantry or cavalry. Yet those that did quickly earned the respect of their fellow soldiers, and a reputation for being able to "pull through deeper mud, ford deeper springs, shoot faster, swear louder ... than any other class of men in the service". Given that field artillery was invariably deployed in front of the troops that it was supporting, the artillerymen were exposed to a high level of enemy fire, and losses were significant. This title guides the reader through the life and experiences of the Confederate cannoneer - where he came from; how he trained and lived; how he dressed, ate and was equipped; and how he fought.

Biographical Note

Philip Katcher lives and works in Pennsylvania, USA, and is a recognized expert on the history of American armed forces. Philip has written many titles in the Men-at-Arms series including the highly successful books on the armies and flags of the American Civil War. For the Osprey Warrior series, he has previously written the well-received Union Cavalryman 1861-65.Bill Younghusband was born in 1936. He was educated in Devon, UK, and has been interested in all things military since childhood. Bill is a respected illustrator of many years' experience, and has illustrated a wide range of Osprey books including Men-at-Arms 299 Austrian Auxiliary Troops 1792-1816 and Campaign 48 Salamanca 1812. He lives and works in County Cork, Eire.


Introduction Enlistment Training Daily life Appearance Campaign life The artilleryman in battle Color plate commentary Bibliography Index

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