Special Forces in World War II

  • Author: Kenneth Macksey
  • Publication Date: 20 Jul 2013
  • ISBN: 9781782004011
  • Format: eBook (ePub)
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Commando', the history Commandos and small-scale raids during World War II, is a gripping narrative, tracing the actions of the fearless men who served as Allied commandos for the Combined Operations department during the war. Kenneth Macksey offers the details of St Nazaire, Bruneval, Dieppe as well as the key players, such as Stirling, Lovat and Carlson. Macksey skilfully provides a study of the lesser-known figures, such as Edson, Appleyard and Pickney, bringing to life their courage and determination while celebrating the sailors who enabled the raiders to reach their destinations.

Biographical Note

Kenneth Macksey was a distinguished British author and military historian, specialising in World War II. Mackey was commissioned in the Royal Armoured Corps and served during the war, winning a Military Cross. He was transferred to the Royal Tank Regiment in 1947, and retired from the British Army in 1968. He died in November 2005.

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