Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank 1987–2006

Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank 1987–2006

New Vanguard 112
  • Author: Simon Dunstan
  • Illustrator: Tony Bryan
  • Short code: NVG 112
  • Publication Date: 10 May 2006
  • ISBN: 9781841768151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

The Challenger 2 is the current Main Battle Tank of the British Army and represents the culmination of 80 years of tank design. In 1987, its design was presented to the Ministry of Defence in response to a requirement to replace the Chieftain MBT that had been partially superseded by the Challenger 1 MBT. Production began in 1993, and the tank finally entered service in 2002. The tank recently appeared in Iraq, where it proved indispensable during the battle of Basra. This book covers the evolution of the Challenger 2, from its origins and testing to its involvement in the Middle East and Iraq.

Biographical Note

Simon Dunstan is a well-established author, filmmaker and photographer in the field of military history, with several titles already published with Osprey. He specializes in the subject of armoured warfare, a field in which he has been writing for two decades. His books have covered topics such as helicopter and armoured warfare in Vietnam, the Challenger 1 Main Battle Tank, the British Guards and armoured warfare in Korea. Simon lives and works in London.Tony Bryan is a freelance illustrator of many years' experience. He initially qualified in Engineering and worked for a number of years in Military Research and Development. He has a keen interest in military hardware - armour, small arms, aircraft and ships. Tony has produced many illustrations for partworks, magazines and books, including a number of titles in the New Vanguard series.


Introduction Design and development of the Challenger 2 Weapons and tactics Variants and users Operational history In combat Bibliography Colour plate commentary Index

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