Cambrai 1917

Cambrai 1917

The birth of armoured warfare

Campaign 187
  • Author: Alexander Turner
  • Illustrator: Peter Dennis
  • Short code: CAM 187
  • Publication Date: 3 Oct 2007
  • ISBN: 9781846031472
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

This crucial new study on one of the seminal events in military history dispells many of the myths surrounding Cambrai 1917. Common perception classifies it as the 'world's first tank battle' but Alexander Turner shows us that the true importance of Cambrai was that it saw the first use of armour as an operational shock tactic. With this, the conduct of war was irrevocably changed. The battle also heralded the combined use of aircraft, armour and artillery, marking the birth of modern combined-arms techniques. Written by a military historian and serving soldier, this is a fascinating analysis of a battle which ended a stalemate, yet spawned a host of war-winning tactics.

Biographical Note

Alexander Turner is a serving British Army officer in the Irish Guards. His operational experience includes Northern Ireland, Kosovo, the Iraq war of 2003 and service as a United Nations Military observer. He has a BA in War Studies from King's College London and is a graduate of the UK Command and Staff College. He also wrote Campaign 151: Vimy Ridge 1917.Peter Dennis was born in 1950. Inspired by contemporary magazines such as Look and Learn he studied illustration at Liverpool Art College. Peter has since contributed to hundreds of books, predominantly on historical subjects. He is a keen wargamer and modelmaker. He is based in Nottinghamshire, UK


Opposing commanders
Opposing forces
Opposing plans
The battle of Cambrai
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