We're over halfway through the first round of the Imperium: Horizons Head-To-Head! Read on to discover today's new civilisation and see who they're up against...

Welcome to the Imperium: Horizons Head-To-Head. Over the next week we'll be announcing the game's remaining eight all-new civilisations. Each day there'll be another civilisation reveal alongside a sneak peek at some of their incredible art by Mihajlo "The Mico" Dimitrievski. That civilisation will be paired up against one of the civilisations we revealed when first announcing Horizons last year: Taino, Inuit, Aksumites, Mayans, Tang & Sassanids.

Then YOU get to vote on which civilisation in each match-up you think would win against the other, and the winners will continue into quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals - until finally the reigning champion of Imperium: Horizons is decided by you.

Today we're introducing The Wagadou, who are going head to head with The Aksumites.

Which of them will join the Sassanids, the Polynesians, the Abbasids and the Mayans going into the second round?



An illustration of the ruler of Wagadou seated on an imposing throne and holding a golden staff


Found in modern day Mali and Mauritania, this wealthy and powerful West African empire
was renowned for its near-monopoly control of gold trade meaning, like Carthage from Classics,
the Wagadou floods the market with materials. The price of these riches are the infertile lands
on the southern edge of the Sahara, which is why you’ll need to get your hand on more fertile lands
besides a steady stream of trade goods, possibly via your trade cities
of Koumbi Saleh and Aoudaghost.


An illustration of a group of richly dressed Aksumites seated behind a long table


The Aksumites flourished in modern day Ethiopia and Eritrea from the 1st to the 7th centuries CE, often listed as one of the greatest political powers of late antiquity. Both influential traders and
an economic powerhouse, this deck utilises its valuable Salt Mines, the famous Aksumite Coinage,
and trade routes including the Maritime Spice Road to bridge the commerce between
the Mediterranean and the lands to the east.


Imperium: Horizons, designed by Nigel Buckle & Dávid Turczi,
is out 8th February 2024. Pre-order now.

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Watch this space for another faction reveal and head-to-head tomorrow, and stay tuned each week starting 17th October until release for our in-depth civilisation blogs...