Written by Warlord Games & Illustrated by Peter Dennis

A new supplement for Bolt Action focusing on the later Italian Campaign, following on from Soft Underbelly, adding new units, scenarios, and special rules.

In Italy, the fight continues!

As the Allies push north up the Italian Peninsula, they have encountered heavy resistance from the Axis and their multitude of fortified and defensive lines, slowing the allied advance to a crawl. The ‘soft underbelly’ of Europe proved to be false, instead it was a ‘tough gut’.
This supplement for Bolt Action, and the counterpart to Soft Underbelly, focuses on the battles ranging from the Gustav Line in 1944 all the way to those of the Gothic Line in 1945, with the breakouts at Anzio and Monte Cassino of particular focus. Containing a host of scenarios to refight these famous battles, along with new units, special rules, and Theatre Selectors, this book contains everything players need to bring an end to the war and liberate Italy.

Bolt Action: Campaign: Italy: Tough Gut is available now in the UK,
and is coming to the US this October.

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