Last week, we showed off the cover for Stargrave: Science-Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy, the new game from Joseph A. McCullough publishing in April 2021.

Today we’re giving you a low-res preview of a fantastic piece of artwork from Helge C. Balzer. It shows a mercenary standing alongside a biomorph – one of the backgrounds available for your captain in Stargrave (we’ll be looking at how you create your captain in the future!)


Artwork by Helge C. Balzer

Below you will find an extract from the book describing biomorphs:

When the old empires fell, so did their laws limiting ‘genetic enhancement’. A few scientists seized this opportunity to engage in radical experimentation. This involved both the genetic manipulation of naturally-born individuals and the creation of wholly new ‘tank-born’ individuals. In either case, those that survived these experiments were often left with unique abilities to control their own bodies, such as realigning their skeletal structure, growing new limbs, changing their skin tones, or even growing additional organs to deal with toxic substances or alien environments. Unfortunately, many biomorphs were also left psychically scarred by their modifications. While the worst of these tend to destroy themselves quickly, almost all carry some form of phobia, psychosis, or other mental impairment.

Depending on the abilities of a biomorph, they tend to dress in loose, or very stretchy outfits, or have specialized suits of armour made that take into account their abilities. More than any other background, biomorphs tend to form independent crews because they are on the run – either from those that created them or want to do further experiments on them, or to escape the consequences of some crime (often unintended).

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