On today’s blog post, we’re looking at three fantastic pieces of artwork from a few of our May books. Let us know what you think and if there are any June titles you want to see art from in the comments section below!


Campaign 349: Warsaw 1920 by Steven J. Zaloga
Artwork by Steve Noon

 Warsaw 1920


The first image, requested by KAL9000, shows an attack on Bolshevik cavalry in the spring of 1920. The aircraft in the foreground was piloted by Captain Merian Cooper, who is better known for his post-war career as a Hollywood film director, including the popular film King Kong. The aircraft to its left was piloted by squadron commander, Major Cedric Fauntleroy, who had served with Eddie Rickenbacker’s 94th Fighter Squadron during World War I.



New Vanguard 282: Combat Vehicles of Russia's Special Forces by Mark Galeotti
Artwork by Adam Hook

 Combat Vehicles of Russia's Special Forces

This next image comes from Combat Vehicles of Russia's Special Forces. The 200th Brigade, headquartered in Pechenga in the Murmansk region, is a specialized Arctic warfare unit and equipped to match. Here a mixed force consisting of a TTM‑1901‑40 Berkut snowmobile, a new Toros Arctic combat vehicle, DT‑10P Vityak (‘Knight’) and a Pantsir-S1 are shown on exercises, during a simulated assault.


Combat 48: US Soldier vs German Soldier by Chris McNab
Artwork by Steve Noon

 US Soldier vs German Soldier

This final piece depicts US forces on Salerno beach during Operation Avalanche on 9 September 1943. The soldiers on foot are carrying a variety of demolition and combat gear that will be useful against the German defences inland and against potential counterattacks. The biggest piece of kit being deployed on the beach is a 40mm Bofors gun, pulled by a Caterpillar D‑7, one of the key towing and utility vehicles of US Army engineers.