In just over a week we're publishing Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave, a beautiful hardback book packed with artwork and concept sketches from the first edition of the Frostgrave rulebook right up to the Perilous Dark supplement. Each piece is accompanied by behind-the-scenes comments from artists Kate and Dmitry Burmak, as well as from Frostgrave's creator - Joseph A. McCullough.

Within the book's 256 pages, Frostgrave fans will find a host of fascinating facts and details about the fantasy skirmish wargame; how Dmitry's art demonstrates a practical way to attach a skull to your outfit, how Joseph's time in living in Oxford inspired some of the creations within the Frozen City, and much more!

See below for a few samples from within the book - a peek the treasures held within!


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