With the release of Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons next month, many of you will be thinking of creating a new group of survivors (or perhaps for starting your first adventure in this post-apocalyptic world!)

At the heart of your group is your leader, a character that can either be Selfless, Selfish, or Trained. This alignment will affect the make-up of your group, as well as influencing some of the decisions you may have to make as you progress through your Last Days campaign.

To help you work out which character type best fits you, give our Last Days Leadership Quiz a go! Keep track of your answers to find out your result!

Artwork by Arthur Asa

As you make your way through the ruins of your local town, you come across a wounded survivor. Their leg looks pretty messed up, but with help they should pull through. What do you do?

a)      You can’t just leave them – every life is precious in this post-apocalyptic world! They may slow you down, but you won’t leave them out there alone to fend for themselves!

b)     It’s a dog-eat-dog (or, more accurately, zombie-eat-human) world out there. Not everyone’s gonna make it. They may have some useful stuff in their bag though…

c)      You can’t afford to be slowed down if you’re going to meet your reach the next town, and your next objective, by sundown. Tell ‘doc’ to patch them up and then keep moving.

You’ve set up your refuge in an abandoned farm house and need to make it as secure as possible, but your group is tired. What do you do?

a)      If they need to rest, they can rest – I’m happy to take on the extra work if some people aren’t up to the task.

b)     They’ll rest when I say they can. For now I need the fences secured, the roof fixed, and someone to find me a beer. I’ll be inside getting a little shut-eye.

c)      By clearly allocating tasks I can make sure the work gets done as efficiently as possible, and that everyone can get some rest.

Artwork by Arthur Asa

Winter’s in full swing, with the temperature falling well below freezing. There isn’t enough room by the fire for everyone. What do you do?

a)      I want to make sure everyone else is OK before worrying about myself. They can get warmed up while I keep watch to make sure we’re safe.

b)     I’m sick of being cold. Who cares about the rest of them – I want to get warm, and I want to get warm NOW!

c)      We need to make sure we survive, and those who contribute the most to that will get priority. I want our most skilled survivors to be at their best.

Someone’s causing trouble in the group. Clearly they don’t see things your way. What do you do?

a)      We’ve got to try to work things out – if we’ve got any chance of rebuilding the old world we have to work together!

b)     It’s my way or the highway, and if you choose the highway you better believe you’ll be leaving with nothing but the shirt on your back. Hell, I may even take that.

c)      It’s important that we see eye-to-eye on things. If I can’t rely on you to work with us, then maybe it’s best you go and find another group.

Artwork by Arthur Asa

 A horde of zombies are heading your way, and your group are looking to you for leadership. What’s the plan?

a)      I’ll stay and try to hold the zombies off while my fellow survivors head for safety. Only once I can see they are all safe will I leave, even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice.

b)     All the zombie’s want is to feed, and some of these survivors are dead weight. I’m sure one of them would be proud to give their life to save mine, and a bullet in the knee means they won’t have much choice about it anyway.

c)      A tactical withdrawal is called for, with some survivors falling back to a safe distance then providing covering fire for the rest of us to retreat.


Mostly a’s

Selfless Leader

Always willing to put yourself at risk before your friends and fellow survivors, you would rather make sacrifices yourself than ask it of your group. Many of them look up to you, but some of them may try to take advantage of your good nature.

Mostly b’s

Selfish Leader

As long as you survive, nothing else matters. Every single member of your group is expendable as long as you are alright, whether that mean sacrificing the occasional survivor to an approaching horde of zombies, leaving your group to fight off a rival gang while you make your escape, or letting the others go hungry so that you can eat your fill.

Mostly c’s

Trained Leader

Your dedication to discipline and willingness to train your group to make them ready to face zombie hordes and rival gangs gives you a great chance of survival in this nightmarish near-future. As long as everyone keeps their heads and follows your orders, there is no reason why you shouldn’t all live a nice, long life in these last days.

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