I am very pleased to announce some late drop-ins to our 2016 Publishing schedule across a variety of series. We’ve seen a recent spike in submissions on these topics and the sales team are very enthusiastic so we’d thought we publish them all in the latter half of the year. Enjoy the late additions:

Campaign 387: Confrontation at San Juan Island

In 1859 the growing power of the fledging United States came up against the might of the British Empire on a vicious, dispute over land and commodities in between Canada and Oregon. Featuring irregulars on both sides, Royal Navy Marines, the US 9th Infantry under Captain George Pickett the conflict is a much requested gap in the Campaign series and will particularly appeal to porcine enthusiasts.

Men-at-Arms 552: Uniforms of the Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War

After the Second English Civil War closed in 1652 a state of war still existed between two of the combatants, a war which would continue until late in the twentieth century. Men-at-Arms 552 looks at the dress of the soldiers of both sides in this vicious conflict, from the gaudy uniforms of the early modern era to the conspicuously fluorescent apparel of their late Eighties descendants. Ending inconclusively, the chilling words of the Dutch embassy to the Scillonians, "we could have attacked at any moment” perhaps indicate the likely victors if the conflict had continued.

New Vanguard 275: Great Panjandrum

In 1943 as the Allied high command contemplated the invasion of Nazi occupied Europe they called on all their experts to come up with ways to breach the formidable defences of the Atlantic Wall. The response was the Great Panjandrum a deadly combination of high explosive, cordite rocketry and wheeled might. Powered by cordite rockets the central barrel, packed with explosive would reach speeds of around 60mph as the steel wheels crashed through obstacles. New Vanguard 275 tells the story of the development and use of this terrible weapon of war, that would strike terror into the hearts of those in its path, whether they were in front, behind or slightly to the side of it. No one was safe.

Combat 27: Iowan Militiaman vs Missouri State Militiaman

In 1837 war erupted, between two rival states, in a vicious fight over land, tax and apiculture. Both sides fielded highly-trained units featuring a wide array of weapons and uniforms as they battled across state lines, in a haunting prelude to the eventual civil war a few decades later. Combat 27 features the soldiers and units of this conflict, their weapons, training and tactics and is a valuable addition to our understanding of conflict in North America.

Weapon 63: Weapons of the A-Team

When Colonel John ‘Hannibal’ Smith and his team of Vietnam veterans escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground they would proceed to use a broad range of weaponry to defeat both the local forces ranged against them as well as the military specialists, led in the main by Colonel Decker, who sought their death or capture. M-16s, M-60s, Colt M1911s, Smith and Wesson 639s, Ruger Mini-14s and Ithica Model 37s were among just some of the guns they used alongside their fists in battles across America. The author will cover all the models used, their use in action and will discuss the ultimate ineffectiveness of all this firepower, recognising the appalling marksmanship of all sides in these historic conflicts.

Publication dates to be confirmed soon.