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The World War II Military History Magazine is an exciting way to bring military history to a new audience through the iTunes Newstand, providing the perfect illustrated introduction to the subject and to Osprey books in general.
At the heart of every monthly issue is a full, illustrated Campaign book, outlining the tactics, forces and narrative of some of the most iconic and important battles of a world at war. In addition, you can enjoy a plethora of articles drawn from the extensive Osprey archive, detailing the course of key battles, experiences of soldiers, and the evolution of battlefield technologies. Then round off the magazine with our quiz – how well do you really know the Second World War?

In the first issue you’ll find:
- The Battle of the Bulge – St Vith and the Northern Shoulder (Campaign 115)

- A sneak peek from Allies At Dieppe

- An insight into the typical life of a German Eastern Front Soldier

- A look into the history behind the classic film Twelve O’Clock High

- And the first in our monthly World War II quizzes

All of this is available for just £2.99 for a monthly subscription issue or £7.99 for a quarterly subscription, which can be cancelled at any time.

And in next month's issue, we've already lined up the hunt for the Bismarck, the turbulent seconds as a Spitfire pilot engages his enemy, and the dramatic events of Allied airborne action in North Africa.

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Each issue includes a fully illustrated Campaign book, alongside a host of articles.

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Search within the magazine for key terms, so you can track down the information you want.

So if you want to broaden your knowledge of the conflict, or would like to introduce someone into the rewarding world of military history, the World War II Military History Magazine is the perfect start.

And for you hardened Osprey veterans, fear not; we’ll let you know in advance which Campaign book is included in each issue, so if you don’t want the additional content or a digital version of your Campaign, you can unsubscribe.

 To get your hands on all of this for just £2.99/$4.99 a month, take a look at the iTunes App store, where you can get a free preview version too.