As part of their Kindle Jubilee Sale to mark the upcoming Royal Jubilee celebrations, Amazon have chosen several Osprey books as representing the 'best of British'.  And as a result, Osprey now dominates the pole positions in a number of Military History rankings!

Young Nelsons, from our General Military Series, examines the famous heroism of boy sailors and now sits at #2 in the Peninsular War and #3 in the Napoleonic War ranks.

Soldier 'I' and SAS Heroes, recalling episodes in the thrilling and dramatic history of one of the world's most revered elite, sits imperiously at #1 and #2 in 'Special Forces (Biography)' and  'Special & Elite Forces', where it is supported by our Raid series book Who Dares Wins at #4.  

And in the far broader (and far more competitive) 'Military'  category, our SAS volumes now occupy #4 and #7, with our Fleet Air Arm Elite cruising at #11. 

Osprey books; the best of the 'best of British'. Has a nice ring to it.