... digital guru Steve's favourite Osprey book!


A unique and innovative recollection of one of the most covered events of modern history, World War II: Last War Heroes is a brilliantly detailed account of allied forces in Europe towards the end of the war.

The often very personal accounts and stories that are being re-lived in this title through British, American and Canadian soldiers who fought their way from the D-Day landings all the way to Berlin, are brought to life by first person accounts. The impact of these stories is greatly enhanced by the truly stunning and unique imagery that illustrates the text.

Accompanying the ground breaking TV series, it is absolutely fascinating (and terrifying) to be able to see real-life recreations of grenade/mortar explosions and the effects of heavy artillery on tanks and other machines of war, as well as civilian housing and infrastructure. All of the newly shot visuals have been stunningly captured with high-speed photography and reproduced in the book to give a genuine insight into some of the events and tragedies of the time.

This, in conjunction with the often harrowing and very emotional accounts of the young Allied soldiers who had to deal with some of the harshest environments and conditions, makes for a highly compelling read in it’s own right as well as the perfect book to accompany the TV series.