My journey began on April 26th when I left home for Maryland where the following day I would meet Ian Gardner and Roger Day for the first time. Ian and Roger were flying in from New Orleans, the first stop on their US tour, where they did a slide show and signing of Tonight We Die as Men at the National WWII Museum.

On Wednesday the 29th of April, we met up with Col Shames, a platoon leader in the famed Band of Brothers, and headed up to the Army's Ft Meade base. We were met there by two representatives from our distributor, Random House, and were given a warm welcome by the base exchange's store manager, Vincent James, and his assistant, Mercy Maruli.

Col Shames and the authors signed about 75 books and there was a steady stream of uniformed and non-uniformed base personnel passing by. Col Shames' characteristic wit was in evidence and he entertained us all with some of his favorite war stories. The following day, the four of us drove over to the prestigious Army & Navy Club, which is near the White House in downtown, Washington, DC, for a redux of the slideshow and a dinner with Judge Robert J. Tuider from the club. The boys signed about 90 books and I was thrilled to be able to finally see them do their presentation.

I wish every reader of the book could see them do it since it really helps to bring the story to life. On Friday we drove over to Arlington where Eddie and Ian were the guests of talk show host, G Gordon Liddy, who gave us an a hour of air time. It was truly remarkable and very generous of the folks there. A podcast of the show is available at

My thanks to Ian, Roger, Eddie, Jeff Smoot, Greg Bresson, Judge Tuider, Jim Roberts and Franklin Raff of Radio America, and everyone who helped make this week such a great success!

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