Byzantine Infantryman

Byzantine Infantryman

Eastern Roman Empire c.900-1204

Warrior 118
  • Author: Timothy Dawson
  • Illustrator: Angus McBride
  • Short code: WAR 118
  • Publication Date: 10 Jun 2007
  • ISBN: 9781846031052
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

The Byzantine Army was the closest the middle ages came to producing a military superpower. Built on a strong belief system emphasising stealth, surprise, swift manoeuvre and overwhelming force, the Byzantine infantryman was trained in survival, sword, spear and archery techniques and also land and sea combat and fighting within the foulkon 'turtle' formation. Timothy Dawson, an expert in the training and techniques of the Byzantine Army, details the everyday experience of the infantryman from his recruitment, through his twice-a-day training regime to his encounters with his enemies. Full-colour artwork richly illustrates their incredible warrior society and gives a real insight into how they lived.

Biographical Note

Dr Timothy Dawson gained his PhD in Classics (Byzantine Studies) in 2003. He has lectured and written extensively on Byzantine, Greek and Roman armies. He is editor of Medieval History Magazine and a keen reenactor. Timothy operated Australia's first historical European combat school, Amyna (Greek for 'defence'), near Sydney from 1984-87. Since then he has gone on to be internationally recognised as an expert on certain forms of arms and armour. He lives in Leeds, UK.


Introduction Chronology Recruitment Appearance Equipment Training Conditions of service Belief and Belonging On Campaign Experience of Battle Museums and Re-enactment Glossary Bibliography Colour plate commentary Index

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