British Infantryman in the Far East 1941–45

British Infantryman in the Far East 1941–45

Warrior 66
  • Author: Alan Jeffreys
  • Illustrator: Jeff Vanelle, Kevin Lyles
  • Short code: WAR 66
  • Publication Date: 20 Apr 2003
  • ISBN: 9781841764481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

This title focuses on the experience, tactics, training and weapons of the British soldier from the Fall of Malaya and Singapore until the Reconquest of Burma. It takes a close look at jungle warfare training in India and the ensuing action in Burma, tracing the development of tactics and doctrine: this formed the basis for the victories in the Arakan and the battles of Kohima and Imphal. The soldier's view of India, the entertainment available on leave, food rationing and other supplies such as cigarettes, the introduction of the forces newspaper SEAC, and the medical problems of malaria are all explored in detail.

Biographical Note

Alan Jeffreys is a Head of Collection at the Imperial War Museum in London, UK. His MPhil dissertation taken at the Department of War Studies , Kings College London, studied the development of jungle warfare training and tactics in Africa and the Far East. Alan is also a consultant to the Land Mine Group, and this has enabled him to visit many areas of conflict in the world. His other areas of interest include the Indian Army, and gunner and artillery tactics in World War I. Kevin Lyles is a talented illustrator of 20th-century military subjects. He has illustrated several books for Osprey over the years, and has also written titles on the US Army in Vietnam, a subject in which he has a long-standing interest. He lives and works in Hertfordshire, UK. Jeff Vanelle works as a 3D artist . He graduated from Sup Info Com (Computer Graphics University in France). Jeff is passionate about digital artwork and he has contributed to the production of numerous video games and TV commercials in France and in the UK, he now works as a Lead Artist for a major British Games developer. He has lived in the UK for the last 5 years.


Introduction Chronology Enlistment Training Appearance and equipment Everyday life Experience of battle Colour plate commentary Museums Collecting Re-enactment Index

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