British Air Forces 1914–18 (1)

British Air Forces 1914–18 (1)

Men-at-Arms 341
  • Author: Andrew Cormack
  • Illustrator: Peter Cormack
  • Short code: MAA 341
  • Publication Date: 25 Jul 2000
  • ISBN: 9781841760018
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 48
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About this Product

The outbreak of World War I found the British Army's Royal Flying Corps with just over 200 fragile, unarmed reconnaissance aircraft, and a uniformed strength of just over 2,000 all ranks; the Royal Naval Air Service had some 50 seaplanes. By the Armistice of 1918 the unified Royal Air Force was the largest in the world, with about 22,650 aeroplanes and 27,330 men operating from some 700 bases. This first in a two-part study describes and illustrates, in unprecedented detail, the uniforms of the RFC and RNAS in 1914-18-20. A detailed and interesting study.

Biographical Note

Andrew Cormack took his degree in Modern History from the University of London and then worked briefly for the Imperial War Museum in London. In 1979 he moved to the Royal Air Force Museum and now holds the position of Keeper of Visual Arts, Medals and Uniforms. In 1990 Osprey published his MAA 225, a study of RAF uniforms and flying clothes of the Second World War. Apart from aviation he is a specialist in the British army of the 18th century and sits on the Council of the Society for Army Historical Research.Peter Cormack is an accomplished artist who has illustrated military subjects for a number of publications including Military Illustrated magazine. British Air Forces Vols. 1 & 2, working with his brother, are Peter's first titles for Osprey.


Introduction Formation and pre-war years The RFC and RNAS Women Auxiliaries The Western Front Mediterranean and Middle East Birth of the RAF Bibliography The Plates

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