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This month the book vote looks at the Duel series, with five books focussed on land and naval combat battling for your vote. Find out more about them in the descriptions below, and then let us know which one you'd be most interested in!


M3 Stuart light tank vs Japanese Anti-Tank Weapons: The Pacific, 1941–45

This title explores Japanese anti-tank weapons and tactics encountered by the M3 Stuart in the Pacific, from the Philippines and Burma in late 1941/early 1942 through the Pacific island campaigns, to war's end. Even though Japanese antitank tactics were systematic (integrating artillery and infantry to destroy enemy armor and supporting troops, and creating dedicated AT assault teams) they were ultimately ineffective against Allied superiority in tank operations. Among the Japanese weapons covered are the 47mm gun, mortars, AAA, AT mines, as well as improvised weapons and AT obstacles.


US PT Boat vs Tokyo Express: The Pacific, 1942–43

During the Solomons campaign, from Guadalcanal in late 1942 through to New Georgia in mid-1943, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s destroyer force was instrumental in supplying Japanese forces. The USN was hard-pressed to disrupt Japanese supply missions, but one of the means was employment of small, fast and powerfully armed PT Boats, which enjoyed some success against the Japanese. The duel between these two asymmetrical opponents makes for a compelling story.


Jagdpanzer 38 ‘Hetzer’ vs Su-76: 1944–45

The Hetzer, based on the modified Pz 38(t) chassis, was an easily produced yet effective light tank destroyer, with more than 2,800 vehicles built. The Soviet SU-76 self-propelled gun was the second-most produced Soviet armoured vehicle of World War II, after the T-34. With its low weight and excellent mobility, it was an effective anti-tank weapon against German light and medium armour. A fascinating doctrinal, tactical and technical comparison between these two AFVs is long overdue, and they are known to have clashed several times on the field of battle in 1944 and 1945.


Atlantic Wall vs Allied Battleships: 1943–44

This title explores the Allied warship actions against German coastal gun batteries on the Atlantic Wall/Südwall in 1943–44. Among the duels featured are the Allied gun duels on D-Day 1944 (including the USS Texas), the bombardment of Cherbourg in June 1944, the duels off Marseilles/Toulon in August 1944, and HMS Warspite against the German batteries around Brest in September 1944.


US Armor vs Iraqi Armor: Operation Desert Storm, 1991

In January 1991, Coalition forces in the Middle East launched Operation Desert Storm, the mission to expel the Iraqi forces from Kuwait. The action brought US armour crews, manning vehicles such as the M1A1 Abrams, M60A3 Patton and M3 Bradley, into direct tank vs tank clashes with a range of Iraqi armour, including T-55s, Type 69s, T-62s and the more modern T-72, plus AT missile-armed IFVs. This title covers major confrontations such as the Battle of 73 Eastings and the Battle of Medina Ridge.


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