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This month's book vote focuses on the Combat series.


Roman Auxiliary vs British Warrior: AD 43–83

When the Emperor Claudius decided to invade Britain in AD 43 a 40-year struggle to bring Britain under Roman control began. From the battle of the Medway to the culminating clash at Mons Graupius, Rome’s auxiliary troops played a central role in facing their British opponents.


Teutonic Knight vs Lithuanian Warrior: 1409–11

In the first years of the 15th century the forces of the Teutonic Order were pitted against their Lithuanian and Polish opponents in a conflict that would shape Eastern European geopolitics for centuries, notably at the fateful battle of Grunwald, also known as Tannenberg and Zalgiris.


Prussian Soldier vs Austrian Soldier: Seven Years’ War 1756–63

In the last of three wars fought between the Kingdom of Prussia and the Habsburg Empire for control of Silesia, the forces of King Frederick II ‘the Great’ faced their Austrian adversaries, fighting for the Empress Maria Theresa, on a host of battlefields, notably Lobositz, Kolin and Leuthen.


Texan Soldier vs Mexican Soldier: Texas Revolution 1835–36

Determined to break away from the centralizing Mexican regime of President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, a coalition of US colonists and Tejanos clashed with their Mexican opponents in a succession of battles, from the fateful encounter at the Alamo to the battle of San Jacinto.


US Soldier vs German Soldier: France 1918

The final battles of World War I on the Western Front saw the decisive impact of the American Expeditionary Forces. Highly experienced but sapped by four years of war, the German forces striving to defend their gains in France quickly learned to respect their US Army opponents.


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