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Athenian Trireme vs Spartan Trireme: Peloponnesian War 431–404 BC

Widely employed in the Mediterranean by the maritime powers of the Ancient World, the trireme equipped Athenian and Spartan naval forces in a host of battles during the Peloponnesian War, a prolonged and bloody conflict that saw the use of innovative naval tactics.

Spanish Galleon vs English Galleon: Armada 1588

The 1588 the Spanish Armada, a mighty fleet intended to invade and subjugate England, faced English warships in a series of clashes that revolutionized battle tactics and permanently transformed the conduct of war at sea.

English Warship vs Dutch Warship: Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652–67

Stemming from trading rivalries, the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the mid-17th century pitted England’s fledgling Royal Navy against the warships of the Dutch Republic in a number of actions across the world, from the Mediterranean to the English coast.

US Cruiser vs Spanish Cruiser: Spanish–American War 1898

In 1898, US and Spanish fleets fought one another at Manila Bay in the Philippines and at Santiago de Cuba in the Caribbean. The two sides employed a formidable array of modern warships, including the Spanish armored cruiser Infanta María Teresa and the US protected cruiser USS Olympia, which survives today as a museum ship.

Israeli Missile Boat vs Syrian Missile Boat: Latakia 1973

Fought between Israeli and Syrian missile boats in October 1973, the battle of Latakiah was the first engagement in which both sides deployed vessels equipped with surface-to-surface missiles; the Israeli use of electronic deception as part of their defences was another combat debut.

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