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Roman Auxiliary vs British Warrior: AD 43–83

When the Emperor Claudius decided to invade Britain in AD 43 a 40-year struggle to bring Britain under Roman control began. From the battle of the Medway to the culminating clash at Mons Graupius, Rome’s auxiliary troops played a central role in facing their British opponents.


Chaeronea 338 BC

In August 338 BC, Philip II of Macedonia (assisted by his teenage son Alexander the Great) defeated a coalition of Greek city-states led by Thebes and Athens in Boeotia, central Greece. Philip’s emphatic victory in this clash involving tens of thousands of troops allowed Macedonia to gain supremacy over all of Greece. The battle was one of the most important and decisive of the Ancient World.


The Berezina 1812

The iconic Battle of the Berezina was fought during the retreat of Napoleon’s Grande Armée from Moscow. The exhausted French forces, pursued by the advancing Russians, were halted by the thawed Berezina River, and risked annihilation. Napoleon conjured up a rearguard defence using his Swiss troops while Oudinot drew off Russian forces with a feint, allowing two river crossings to be hastily constructed. Although his forces suffered further heavy losses in the battle, Napoleon’s genius allowed his men to fight again.


Tannenberg 1914

The seminal Battle of Tannenberg pitted Russia two armies under Samsonov and von Rennenkampf against the German VIII.Armee under Paul von Hindenburg in the opening days of World War I. In this German tactical masterpiece of effective mobilization and movement, the Russian Second Army was all but wiped out, with over 90,000 troops captured. As a result, the Russians would be kept off balance on the Eastern Front until the spring of 1915.


Operation Pedestal 1942

Operation Pedestal was a critical turning point in the Mediterranean during World War II. The all-out effort to bring vital materiel and supplies (particularly oil) to the besieged island of Malta (the most bombed place on Earth) is a story of huge courage, high professionalism, and intense drama. The Pedestal convoy would need to pass through an Axis killing zone under incessant assault from the air, and from surface and submarine attack. Its success would keep the Allied Malta garrison in the fight.


First Chindit Expedition 1943

Brigadier Orde Wingate’s Chindits – a seminal long-range penetration force – conducted special raiding operations behind Japanese lines in Burma, boosting Allied morale. Exploring the Chindit story from formation and training through to the conclusion of their first mission, Operation Longcloth, this work narrates their epic first mission across the Chindwin to strike Japanese lines of communication, in which the Chindits were pitted as much against the harsh terrain and climate as deadly Japanese ambushes. Over a third of Wingate’s force would not make it back.

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