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How well do you know the vast range of images that document and celebrate the extraordinary career of Napoleon Bonaparte, from Gentleman-Cadet, who, according to one of his instructors, “would go far if circumstances favoured him”, to L\'Empereur?

Answer the questions about the following four paintings for a chance to win one of four copies of the sumptuous Armies of the Napoleonic Wars.

Email your answers here with Napoleon as the subject line to be in with a chance to win!
Image 1

1.1   How old is he?
1.2   Who has he recently defeated?
Image 2
2.1 What is the month and the year?
2.2 Where is he retreating from?
Image 3
3.1 Which battle?
3.2 What did he want the picture to display?
Image 4
4.1 Who is conspicuously leading from the front here?
4.2 Where?
4.3 What (apart from a certain chilliness) specifically connects this picture with one of the others?
The answers will be published here in four weeks time.

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