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Osprey will be working from home from Tuesday 17th March. We plan to continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work from home. Please note that we are doing our best to manage incoming post and parcels. For the time being please refrain from sending items to our offices and please assume that items that you have sent to us, have not arrived with their intended recipient. Our priority remains the wellbeing of staff, authors, customers, freelancers, suppliers and distributors. We would like to thank all for their support whilst we transition to virtual operations.


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In April, 2021, we’ll be publishing Stargrave: Science Fiction Wargames in the Ravaged Galaxy, the new game from award-winning author Joseph A. McCullough!Continue Reading
After beating back Urzag’s raids, Prince Roderick leads a combined Human and Elf force on an attack against the outer edges of the Goblin Kingdom, aiming to destroy some of their sacred oathmarks. His advance has not gone undetected, however, and Urzag has rallied units of Goblins and Dwarves to help defend his land.Continue Reading
Last week, we headed up to Nottingham to meet up with Wargames Illustrated at North Star Military Figures HQ! On the blog today, you'll find a narrative battle report for the game we played, with more articles about the game coming in the May issue of Wargames Illustrated (available April 2020). Be sure to keep an eye out for that one!Continue Reading
We’ve seen a few people asking on the Oathmark Players Page about how many figures you’re going to need for your Oathmark army, so we thought we’d help you out with this little visual aid.Continue Reading
Coming in April 2020, Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age is a mass-battle fantasy wargame designed by Joseph A. McCullough, creator of Frostgrave and Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. Over the coming months, Joseph will be giving us a look at the design process behind the game.Continue Reading

The Oathmark Humans march into battle!

In Osprey Games
The Oathmark figure range continues to expand, with the Human Infantry marching into battle. Preorders are now open, with North Star running some great promotional launch deals, so make sure you get your orders in early!Continue Reading

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