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Osprey will be working from home from Tuesday 17th March. We plan to continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work from home. Please note that we are doing our best to manage incoming post and parcels. For the time being please refrain from sending items to our offices and please assume that items that you have sent to us, have not arrived with their intended recipient. Our priority remains the wellbeing of staff, authors, customers, freelancers, suppliers and distributors. We would like to thank all for their support whilst we transition to virtual operations.


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In August, we’ll be releasing Oathmark: Battlesworn, the first supplement to the new mass-battle fantasy wargame by Joseph A. McCullough. It adds a host of new content, including new units, rules, and scenarios. To celebrate the upcoming release, we thought we’d challenge you all to another contest based on one of the new rules added – Battle Honours.Continue Reading
While Oathmark is a game of armies, with most of the soldiers arranged in big, blocky units, it wouldn’t be a fantasy game if there wasn’t room for characters and monsters...Continue Reading

Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age - Army Planner

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We know that many of you are in the process of putting together your armies for Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age, so to help you out we have put together the Oathmark Army Planner, a form-fillable PDF that you can use to see the points costs of different units and create an initial army plan.Continue Reading
Having given us a look at his Oathmark design goals, author Joseph A. McCullough is back on the blog to look at combat in his upcoming mass-battle fantasy wargame.Continue Reading
Coming in April 2020, Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age is a mass-battle fantasy wargame designed by Joseph A. McCullough, creator of Frostgrave and Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. Over the coming months, Joseph will be giving us a look at the design process behind the game.Continue Reading

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