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'Leuctra 371 BC' is a detailed new study that explores the battle of Leuctra and the tactics that ultimately led to the complete defeat of Sparta, and freed Greece from domination by Sparta in a single afternoon. On the blog today, author Murray Dahm looks at the Theban Sacred Band, who led the Theban Phalanx to victory.Continue Reading
In May we’re releasing Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends, two standalone deck-building civilisation games designed by Nigel Buckle and Dávid Turczi. Today on the blog we’re looking at the Greeks, by which we mean the Archaic Greek and Classical Greek periods (from the 8th to the 4th Century BCE). These periods cover a massive change within Greece and its influence across the entire Mediterranean.Continue Reading

Armies of the Greek-Turkish War

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In the aftermath of World War I the Ottoman Empire paid dearly for their disastrous decision to join the Central Powers to fight against the Allies. Vast swathes of land were lost through the ensuing armistice, leaving the once great Ottoman Empire a shell of its former self...Continue Reading
Tom Owen-Evans is back with the third and final part of his post on Philip of Macedon. This week, Philip's other strategies:Continue Reading
Tom Owen-Evans returns with the second part of his post on Philip of Macedon. This week, Philip's use of cavalry and knowledge of Greek warfare.Continue Reading
Every so often we unchain our editorial team from the rowing benches, allow them to stow their oars and dish out some bread and water. The more dedicated among them use this respite to write us some blog posts. So, welcome Tom Owen-Evans with the first of a three part blog on Philip II of Macedon, who has been overshadowed by his more famous son...Continue Reading

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