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Osprey will be working from home from Tuesday 17th March. We plan to continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work from home. Please note that we are doing our best to manage incoming post and parcels. For the time being please refrain from sending items to our offices and please assume that items that you have sent to us, have not arrived with their intended recipient. Our priority remains the wellbeing of staff, authors, customers, freelancers, suppliers and distributors. We would like to thank all for their support whilst we transition to virtual operations.


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In just over a week we're publishing Frostgrave: Wizard Eye: The Art of Frostgrave, a beautiful hardback book packed with artwork, concepts, and sketches from the first edition of the Frostgrave rulebook right up to the Perilous Dark supplement. Each piece is accompanied by behind-the-scenes comments from artists Kate and Dmitry Burmak, as well as from Frostgrave's creator - Joseph A. McCullough.Continue Reading
The tropical islands of the Ghost Archipelago draw adventurers from far and wide in the hope of finding treasure or even the fabled crystal pool. However, these riches are fiercely guarded by a myriad of ferocious creatures. Here are just some of the foes you may encounter as your crew explores the Lost Isles, complete with a short description from author Joseph A. McCullough and the incredible art from Kate and Dmitry Burmak.Continue Reading

Preparing for Frostgrave - What you need to play!

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By now, many of you will be aware of Frostgrave, the award-winning fantasy skirmish wargame written by Joseph A. McCullough. Some of you will already be exploring the frozen ruins of Felstad, but for those of you who haven’t started your adventure yet, here is what you need to get started!Continue Reading
Since July 2015, the frozen city of Frostgrave has been the scene of countless battles, with rival wizards fighting for treasure and glory in the ruins of Felstad. In this blog we look back at the series through the artwork of Dmitry and Kate Burmak, who have brought the series to life through their incredible illustrations.Continue Reading

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