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While doing research for some upcoming X-Planes books, one of our editors, Tom Milner, came across an article about the first ever image taken from space, the 70th anniversary for which came this week.Continue Reading

Introducing X-Planes

In Military History, Featured
Some of you may have already picked it up on your radar, but we would now like to formally introduce you to Osprey’s brand new aviation series...Continue Reading
Robert Forsyth is the author of many books on the aircraft, campaigns and units of the Luftwaffe and has written articles for numerous aviation magazines. His latest book, the second in the X-Planes series, examines the Messerschmitt Me 264 'Amerika Bomber'...Continue Reading

The Bell X-1: First of the X-Planes

In Military History
Peter E. Davies is a specialist on modern American high-performance aircraft, having written or co-written 26 books including the standard reference work on US Navy and Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II operations. Here he talks about X Planes 1: The Bell X-1, his latest book and the first instalment in the new X Planes series...Continue Reading

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