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Sunday Photo - The Valentine Tank

In Military History, Featured

Today's Sunday Photo blog, in light of yesterday's Valentine's Day celebrations, is dedicated to the aptly named Valentine Tank.

Designs for Britain's most produced and most widely used tank of the Second World War were begun without a specification from the War Office in the late 1930s. Designs by John V. Carden were submitted in February 1938 and production commenced in May 1940.

The roots of its unusual name remain uncertain to this day with various suggestions arising as to its origin. Some posit that it took its title from the middle name of its designer, John Valentine Carden; others refer to the possible date of its submission – 14th February 1938  St Valentine's Day.

The Valentine tank can be seen in both of the below photographs. The first, taken in March 1942 shows a view inside the turret where the 2-pdr gun is being loaded. In the second, a Mk 3 Valentine is pictured in North Africa carrying infantry from a Scottish regiment.


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Merkava72 posted on 15 Feb 2015 14:21:01
Well, Osprey will finally fill one of the biggest holes in the New Vanguard series. I'm looking forward to Spring 2016!

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