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Robert Kempe

In Military History

It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of Robert Kempe, our US Sales & Marketing Director, on the morning of October 16th 2012 as a result of complications arising from his recently diagnosed cancer.

Though Robert joined the company only months ago, his contribution to and impact upon it were incalculable. Swiftly assuming control of Shire in the North American market, he made it immediately and abundantly clear that we had found someone who would not only fulfil our expectations and requirements for the role but exceed them in every regard.

Yet today our grief is first and foremost not professional but personal. Over the course of his brief time with the company, Robert became a valued and well-liked colleague to all of us, and indeed it would not be an exaggeration to call him a friend. His enthusiasm, understanding, charm and good-humour were irresistible, and all the more remarkable for being not at all diminished by his illness in recent months.
A diagnosis that for most would have been cause for despair was to Robert the cue for renewed vigour, determination and optimism. He was considerate, loyal and possessed of an effortless empathy for which most of us can only hope to strive.

After the initial very negative diagnosis in August, there followed what at the time seemed a miracle reprieve, which gave rise to the hope, and even the expectation, that after treatment Robert would emerge from the illness unscathed. That this was not the case has been a cruel blow to everyone who knew Robert, but above all to his family – his wife Barbara and daughters Maeve and Saoirse, his parents and siblings, and the large and affectionate network of extended family which he valued so very highly and in which he took such pride. Our thoughts are with them.

Please contact Abraham Davies at adavies@shirebooks.co.uk with any questions.

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