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Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age published at the end of last month, but it seems Loki was up to his old tricks. We noticed there was a mistake on one of the pages, whereby an important mechanic was inverted.

To correct this, we have temporarily held the stock of the book in our warehouse while the affected page is stickered with a rules clarification. As soon as this is complete, we will let you all know!

Please note that this error has already been corrected in the PDF and ePub files, which are still available on the website.

For those of you who have already received your copy of the game, you can find the errata posted below, along with an expanded example to help players understand the mechanic. If you have any queries about this, please contact us via info@ospreygames.co.uk

We're really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused!

Page 30: The Success Table

Paragraph 2, Sentence 1: “Subtract the Active Value from the Opposed Value and compare the result to the Success Table” should read “Subtract the Opposed Value from the Active Value and compare the result to the Success Table.”

Success Table Example:

For example, if Model A has MA 2 and Model B has DF 2, there is no advantage one way or the other so Model A will need a 7+ to hit. If Model A has MA 3 and Model B has DF 2, the difference is 1, so Model A will only need 6+ to hit Model B. Conversely, if Model A has MA 2 and Model B has DF 3, the difference is -1, so Model A would need 8+ to hit Model B. If the difference was 2, Model A would hit on a 5+. If the difference was -2, Model A would hit on a 9+, and so on.

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