Publishing Meeting - 01/07/2015

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So Wednesday 1 July was our Publishing meeting, and Mike live tweeted it. For those of you who aren’t twitterers (which I assume is the correct phrase), here it is in blog form.

And for those of you who just want to get to the meaty stuff - here are some links that will take you to the relevant part of the page!

Proposal 1 - Combat title

Proposal 2 - Combat title

Proposal 3 - Weapon title

Proposal 4 - Duel title

Proposal 5 - Duel title

Proposal 6 - Duel title

The Regiment in Paperback

What's going on with Osprey Games?

Proposal 7 - Tiny Games

Proposal 8 - Osprey Wargames


Want to know what goes on in a Publishing meeting? Well, we're having one at 2:30 and we're live tweeting it! #publishing

Right then *cracks knuckles* 20 minutes until we start the Osprey publishing meeting - a whole range of great potential titles to debate!

Internally we refer to this meeting as the Pub Meeting. Sadly given the weather today it involves zero beer gardens. Not even a G&T.

Attendees include our sales team, marketers, editors, our US team... and of course OspreyRich

On the menu today - a Weapon title. A brace of Combat titles. A triple-header of Duel. Some OspreyGames and some SAS.

The troops are gathering, coffee and tea is being made, filtering into the meeting room and settling into favoured spots.

Teleconferencing in our US team. America, can you hear us?

Just chatting through AOB from previous meetings (and sadly info about some delays to titles - Boo!)

First up - a Steven Zaloga book in the Combat series...

WW2, European Theater 1944-45. Featuring mechanized infantry. A very strong title for the series.

And it is approved!

A second Combat title penned in for 2017. A David Greentree book.

One for those down-under. New Zealand Infantry taking on German Motorcycle Soldiers in the Med.

Crete features heavily of course. But also a look at the sometimes overlooked Greek campaign.

And that is approved too!

Now for something from the Weapon series. Steve Zaloga is going to be busy, another proposal from him.

This Weapon title follows the format set by some of our other Weapon books which look at groups / types of weapons

Anti-Tank and Anti-Materiel rifles.

The actual title for the book might need some work - that is a bit of a mouthful.

Weapon series is very strong on the other side of the pond, and Steve Zaloga is always a favourite!

And that is approved - need to look at Title / subtitle though.

On to the Duel titles. Three to come.

Mark Stille with a naval Duel. Mark is one of our most popular (and bestselling) series titles.

WW2 Pacific. US Navy vs IJN Navy. Battleships. Again some title discussions. Battleship vs Battleship is a bit odd as a title.

Note for future meetings - a game of Battleships to have the casting vote over close decisions? Maybe not!

Wow - flying through these today. That is approved too!

A couple of land Duel titles now. Some nice heavy armour.

Is Steven Zaloga an Osprey-writing-robot? He very may well be, Steve Zaloga takes to WW2 Eastern Front during Barbarossa.

Panzer 38 (t) vs BT-7. Approved. Of course!

Mark Stille is of course one of our most popular series titles authors. He is not a book. Sorry Mark!

No seriously Steve. How do you find the time? A book on the Pershing taking on the Tiger too from our armour expert.

Though this one is slated for a much-later 2017 publication.

And that is approved too!

Now to discuss the potential paperback version of The Regiment: 15 Years in the SAS - which is due out in HB this month.

You should check it out - a great read


A quick changing of the guard now. That is the military history portion of the meeting. Now for OspreyGames and @ZombieSoldiers

To get started, a two top secret projects from OspreyGames

So top secret the editor is watching over my shoulder while I tweet. Finger hovering over the power button.

Sorry about that ;-)

But trust me. It is very exciting! And as seems to be the format for the day the debate is about what to call it.

Apart from "Top Secret project that we can't talk about just yet but will announce as soon as we can, we promise"

But for a flavour of what is on offer from OspreyGames check out their homepage

It may be a boardgame. We do boardgames you know. You didn't? Well we do.

Seriously. Boardgames. Like this one - out in September.

Or perhaps this one. They Come Unseen. Submarine strategy boardgame.

The sample copies of They Come Unseen arrived yesterday. And it is amazing. Lots of very cool stuff in the box.

And now for something a bit bookish and a bit gaming too.

More Tiny Games... a follow up to the first two books.

Tiny Games for Work and Tiny Games for Home are out soon!

We played some of the Office games last Friday. Side-splittingly fun. Productivity may have plummeted. But that is just between us right?

You should see what the office looks like when we playtest new boardgame ideas. Those editors get really competitive!

A game of higher or lower currently going on...

After that slight departure... some OWG titles. Wargames!

And a great looking game being debated here!

Whisper it... 17th Century... and from a duo that includes one of our favourite game designers!

Boo! Another top secret project. A fantasy game though I can tell you that. Fall 2017 is the slated publication date.


So there it is - a glimpse at what is on the horizon! Are your tastebuds sufficiently tantalized? Do you want more? Well, we are always putting our latest news on Facebook and Twitter, check us out there


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PAUL W posted on 5 Jul 2015 08:34:49
Big highlight for me is New Zealand Infantry taking on German Motorcycle Soldiers in the Med. Seems very popular in the blog as well.
GI Gene posted on 3 Jul 2015 18:11:36
I kept hearing a gavel hitting the table every time a title was approved…
How often these publishing meetings occur? Once a month? Four times a year? Just curious…
I wonder how the Elite proposals will fare…
I like the sound of the Mechanized Infantry and the New Zealand vs German Motorcycle Troops Combat titles.
Paintybeard posted on 3 Jul 2015 13:23:00
AdamC: Thanks for that very concise summary. Don't think I need the book now!
AdamC posted on 3 Jul 2015 13:16:27
Hi guys!
Very interesting to see the inter workings of Osprey again! The titles discussed dont set my world on fire I'll be honest but that being said I have no objections to them either - they are just a bit ok-ish (anti-tank rifles is probably the high light.

Painty - As far as I know the M26 and Tiger met only once. This occurred on 25th Feb 1945 when an M26 of F Company, 33rd Armoured Reg, 3rd Armoured Div nicknamed "Fireball" was knocked out by a Tiger I. It was hit three times from approx 100 yards, killing two crew and being abandoned by the survivors. It was later recovered and repaired. The Tiger I believe was from s.Pz.Kp. Hummel and was destroyed by other US tanks shortly afterwards. Only two other M26s are known to have been combat losses, one to artillery fire and the other was knocked out by a Nashorn tank destroyer.
KenA posted on 3 Jul 2015 13:03:43
Well, the highlight here has to be the projected Combat title featuring the Kiwis versus the Kradschützen in the Mediterranean (Crete and Greece; and a bit of North Africa also?).

The proposed Duel books don’t do much for me I’m afraid. I sometimes wonder what some of Osprey’s Duel titles are trying to prove apart from the fact that you can sell almost anything with the Osprey name on it to some people. Is Osprey that desperate for the cash?

My only other comment relates to the games content. While I appreciate that there is, and always will be, a solid demand for such products, Osprey’s core business is in publishing military history books. My concern is that Osprey’s efforts will be diluted by covering a wide range of interests such that its core business will suffer. My plea, therefore, is that Osprey be ever alert to this and maintain its priorities regarding its core business (military history).
Paintybeard posted on 3 Jul 2015 09:59:59
Hmmm... A mixed bag. But I'm always saying that, aren't I?

The 2 combats look quite good. In fact Kiwis vs Kradshutzen should be marvellous.

Anti-tank/material rifles is also interesting, but it may be trying to cover too much ground to do any one gun justice.

Not smitten by the Duel books. US vs IJN battleship? I can only think of Washington sinking Kirishima. Tiger vs Pershing? How often did that happen?

And as always, far, far too much World War 2.

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