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Some very exciting news has filtered through today - as Osprey Group (or in other words, Osprey Publishing and our sister publishers Shire, Old House and British Wildlife Publishing) have been bought by Bloomsbury. Full press release details below...


Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


Acquisition of Osprey Publishing Limited


We announced to the City today that we have acquired Osprey Publishing.The lists, a perfect fit for Bloomsbury, provide an excellent partnership between the two companies. Osprey has a high author and reader involvement and true global sales reach, which complements Bloomsbury’s ongoing direct to consumer strategy in the special interest markets.


Osprey has three main lists covering military history, natural history, andheritage publishing, including Old House and Shire. All of which are strategically important to our special interest publishing. Each list is a leader in its field with a loyal readership and strong editorial roots.

The business is based in Oxford and publishes more than 200 titles per year with annual revenues of £7 million, of which, over 50 per cent is generated outside the UK, principally in the US.

Richard Charkin Executive Director at Bloomsbury says:

“Osprey is an ideal fit for our strategy of publishing for well-defined special interest markets. We look forward to working with our new colleagues in Oxford to build on this highly successful business in USA, UK and throughout the world. “


Distribution in the UK remains with Grantham Book Services and in the US remains with Penguin Random House Inc. 

Further details of this acquisition can be found on our website at www.bloomsbury-ir.co.uk

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bubba89 posted on 24 Dec 2014 12:51:00
as long as they keep the trio Forczyk, Zaloga, and Stille to write another volumes, i\'m happy!
Paintybeard posted on 24 Dec 2014 08:14:00
Yes, £7 million is respectable but not earth-shaking. We will all be very interested to see how this develops. I hope that Michael K will keep us informed. 2015 seems pretty safe based on the planned releases we have been told about, but I shall be crossing my fingers after that.
Digedags posted on 23 Dec 2014 22:53:00
One positive effect is most likely better financial security. Small specialised publishing houses like Osprey always are potentially threatened if their niche is loosing popularity because they are not always able to survive until the interest takes an upswing again. A more diversified larger publisher can can compensate this better.Hopefully editorial direction will continue to be done without too much influence by the new owners though. On a sidenote: It´s interesting to see that the annual revenues are 7 million. Considering the number of titles and prices per book as well as income from foreign licenses this illustrates that the number of buyers per book is already limited. As readers we should keep this in mind when asking for obscure topics which would have even less popular appeal and should not be surprised if they can not realised.Also interesting: Less than 50 percent of the revenue is generated in the UK anymore. I wonder how large the US share is and if the Rest of the world is dominated by english speaking markets or is more diverse. I know I did my share to help the relevance of the German market as my bookshelf and wallet can attest to ;-)
GI Gene posted on 23 Dec 2014 18:34:00
I will be curious to see how this will affect (if at all) the type and amount of titles Osprey will publish in the future.
bubba89 posted on 23 Dec 2014 13:15:00
good news or bad news? are you still retaining the OSPREY name? or change it to Bloomsbury?

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