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Dear Osprey reader,

You are cordially invited to attend our One Day Osprey Extravaganza, where we'll be selling hundreds of Osprey books at knock-down prices!

It will be hosted on Saturday, September 14th from 11am to 4pm. In addition to going home with armfuls of Osprey books, you’ll be able to meet and talk to Osprey staff in the site of the old Osprey Towers. And if you’re very lucky, there might be some appearances from some very special guests - more news to follow…

The books are drawn from our archives, and include very old editions and some books will have small stickers on them. All however have been cared for by the Osprey archivist and are in great condition.

Please come along to

Midland House

It would be great to see you there, and to whet your appetite here’s just some of the books being prepped.

One day event


Best wishes

Team Osprey



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OspreyRich posted on 22 Aug 2013 10:28:00
I wish we could do this both sides of the Atlantic but these are all books from our archive which we've decided to slim down a bit (after moving them from our old office). We simply don't have the same archive in the US. And even if we did we'd have to have a mobile Osprey truck to cover East, West and all the bits in-between. Although that is not a bad idea...

... anway I'm sorry we can't but if we ever think of a decent way of getting you more Osprey books you can bet we'll give it a go.

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