This month's book vote sees five Duel titles battling for your vote. Read the full descriptions and cast your vote by clicking on the link below. Plus, check out the results of last month's Men At Arms book vote. 


DUE: Valentine Infantry Tank vs Panzer III Ausf. F–J: North Africa 1941–43

DUE: Crusader tank vs Carro Armato M13/40: Western Desert June 1941–May 1943

DUE: Soviet T-34 vs Hungarian 40M/41M: Galicia 1944

DUE: Comet vs Panther: Germany 1945

DUE: USMC Applique Armor vs Japanese AT weapons: Iwo Jima 1945


Valentine Infantry Tank vs Panzer III Ausf. F–J: North Africa 1941–43

The Valentine (Infantry Tank Mk III) was produced in significant numbers: 8,275, almost one-quarter of total British tank output. Although its small turret was a major drawback, which could at a pinch take a 6-pdr gun, it was used both as an infantry tank and cruiser, and proved highly reliable. In the desert, it clashed with the PzKpfw III on numerous occasions.


Crusader tank vs Carro Armato M13/40: Western Desert June 1941–May 1943

The A15 Crusader was the principal British tank in the Western Desert campaign, at a time when the British were struggling to design and manufacture effective AFVs. Rushed into production without adequate development trials or quality control, in the desert it gained a reputation for unreliability, with sand and heat exacerbating its mechanical problems. A total of 5,300 were built. The M13/40 tank was the primary tank used by the Italians throughout the war, and was Italy's most-produced tank with over 3,000 built. A conventional light tank, armed with a 47mm gun, its shortcomings were quickly apparent, and moreover it suffered from a lack of training for its crews and inadequate tactical doctrine. This Duel explores the fascinating clashes between these two AFVs in the Western Desert.


Soviet T-34 vs Hungarian 40M/41M: Galicia 1944

This Duel looks at the clashes between the Hungarian Turán tank and the Soviet T-34 in Galicia 1944. The 40M (40mm-armed) and 41M (77mm-armed) Turán tanks were based on the Czech T-21 medium tank produced in Hungary, and formed the backbone of the Hungarian armoured forces during the operations in 1944 and 1945. Despite their apparent inferiority, Hungarian armour nevertheless enjoyed some success against the mainstay of the Soviet armoured forces, the T-34s.


Comet vs Panther: Germany 1945

The A34 Comet was the ultimate British cruiser tank. Armed with a powerful 17-pdr HV main gun, the Comet had a striking power equal to the Panther and could penetrate the latter’s armour. It was the best British tank to see service, but was only deployed from January 1945 onwards. This fascinating Duel explores two very different AFVs, the Panther (boasting excellent firepower at long ranges, good armoured protection and a pleasing power-to-weight ratio), and the Comet (with its superior mobility and lighter weight, and still impressive main-gun punch).


USMC Applique Armor vs Japanese AT weapons: Iwo Jima 1945

This Duel title explores the design and development of US Marine Corps improvised additional armour for tanks and how it fared against the wide range of Japanese anti-tank weapons employed against US armour – infantry-carried, AT guns and mines. The Sherman tank forms a key area of focus, particularly the improvised flail tanks designed by the USMC to counter Japanese AT weapons. The combat experiences covered include US C Company, 4th Tank Battalion’s participation in the Iwo Jima campaign in 1945.



Last month, we asked you what you would like to see published in our Men At Arms series. Thank you to everyone who voted and provided feedback. The results saw a clear favorite, check out the full results below to find out more!

MAA: Swedish Armies 1654–1721  41.9%
MAA: French Forces in North America 1754–63  26.8%
MAA: The US Army in the Korean War 15.4 %
MAA: The US Navy since 1945 4.4 %
MAA: US Air Force Pararescue  11.5%

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PAUL W posted on 2 Oct 2021 13:22:41
I do feel the North Africa/ western desert titles will split their vote for people interested in that campaign (like me).

That said I've gone for the Hungarian title.
kuvaszsleepybear posted on 2 Oct 2021 08:02:35
Uffda Ja fur shure you betcha Swedish Armies 1654-1721
Paintybeard posted on 1 Oct 2021 12:08:28
Wow! A pretty graph! I hope that means that we get the Swedish Army book.
I'm voting for "Comet vs Panther" this month, but always whether I would actually buy the book depends very much on the eventual author.

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