October Book Vote 2015

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October's book vote is here, with 5 great potential titles for the Combat series. Take a look!

CBT: Prussian Infantryman vs Austrian Infantryman: 1740–63
CBT: US Rifleman vs British Redcoat: War of 1812
CBT: Maori Warrior vs British Soldier: 1845–70
CBT: French Soldier vs Prussian Soldier: Franco-Prussian War 1870–71
CBT: Japanese Soldier vs Russian Soldier: Russo-Japanese War 1904–05

Head onto the homepage to cast your vote!


Last month's Book Vote was looking at the New Vanguard series, with 5 fascinating subjects drawn from your book suggestions. September also saw a suggestion from the forum make the final cut, with AdamC's suggestion of Chinese Armour 1924–49 among the options. Let's take a look at the results.

NVG: Italian Armoured Cars of World War II 27%
NVG: French M1897 75mm Field Gun 23%
NVG: Chinese Armour 1924–49 23%
NVG: Armour of the North Vietnamese Army 14%
NVG: USMC Amphibious Assault Vehicle 13%

Italian Armoured Cars of World War II took the September vote, but French M1896 75mm Field Gun and Chinese Armour 1924–49 both put in respectable scores. Clearly some interest there!

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