February’s Miniature Modelling Competition has come to a close, and it’s time to announce the winner! Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry, but our judges have come to a decision and we are thrilled to reveal this month’s winner!

Inspired by WAR 128: US Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam and ELI 154: Vietnam Airmobile Warfare Tactics, Cliff Parker’s entry is of a Bell UH-1 Iroquois or “Huey”. The UH-1 first saw service in combat during the Vietnam War in March 1962, and around 7,000 would be deployed over the course of the war. Congratulations to Cliff who will receive a bunch of new Osprey books!

March’s theme will be focusing on the Dark Ages! From MAA 154: Arthur and the Anglo-Saxon Wars to NVG 47: The Viking Longship, we’ve a bunch of related titles that might have helped you with your designs over the years. If any Osprey book or piece of artwork has inspired your miniatures/models, submit your entry to competition@ospreypublishing.com. In your entry you should include a photograph of your work and let us know which Osprey title/artwork helped with your design. The winner will be selected in April and will receive all these new Osprey releases:

march competition books

Good luck! 

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