A new month means a new book vote, and we're very excited to hear your thoughts on this month's suggestions. This month's vote features 5 prospective Combat titles battling it out for your vote, so reader over the descriptions below and choose your favourite!

  CBT: Japanese Soldier vs Soviet Soldier

  CBT: Polish Soldier vs German Soldier  

  CBT: Soviet Rifleman vs Finnish Infantryman  

  CBT: US Soldier vs Japanese Soldier

  CBT: Gurkha vs Fallschirmjäger

Japanese Soldier vs Soviet Soldier: Khalkhin Gol 1939

In May and June 1939, escalating tension on the Mongolia/Manchuria border led to a series of bloody clashes between Japanese and Soviet troops in an undeclared war that lasted until a ceasefire in mid-September that year.

Polish Soldier vs German Soldier: Poland 1939

During September–October 1939, Polish and German forces clashed in the opening Blitzkrieg campaign, which saw the Panzers overrun much of Poland in a matter of weeks despite strenuous Polish efforts to resist the invaders.

Soviet Rifleman vs Finnish Infantryman: Continuation War 1941–44

From June 1941, Finnish troops fought alongside German and other forces against the Soviets. After recovering territory lost in 1940, the Finns participated in the siege of Leningrad before facing a renewed Soviet onslaught in mid-1944.

US Soldier vs Japanese Soldier: New Guinea 1942–43

During World War II, US and Australian troops sought to eject Japanese forces from New Guinea in a series of brutal battles. The inhospitable jungle terrain proved to be a particularly demanding environment for both sides, operating at the limits of their supply lines.

Gurkha vs Fallschirmjäger: Monte Cassino 1944

At the height of World War II’s Italian campaign, Gurkhas of the British Indian Army fought members of Nazi Germany’s elite airborne arm during the prolonged struggle for the abbey ruins on Monte Cassino.

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Last month's vote was another close one, but we did eventually receive a winner, with Stalingrad Airlift 1943 taking the top spot with 23.04% of the vote, closely followed by Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somaliland 1919-39 with 22.35%.

 ACM: Schweinfurt-Regensburg Raids 1943   16.58%
 ACM: Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saomaliland 1919-39                     22.35%  
 ACM: Ho Chi Minh Trail 1964-73              21.58%
 ACM: Russian Strategic Bombing in World War I   16.45%
 ACM: Stalingrad Airlift 1943  23.04%

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Paintybeard posted on 4 Jul 2018 07:06:03
A Korean War "Combat" title would also be an excellent opportunity to tell us about some of the smaller modern armies like Turkey, the Netherlands and even Ethiopia.
GI Gene posted on 3 Jul 2018 22:58:33
These choices all look great. I voted for "Japanese Soldier vs Soviet Soldier: Khalkhin Gol 1939" because if we can't get a Campaign title about it, then I will settle for a Combat one.

I also want to point out that Combat would be an ideal series to showcase more about the Korean War like US Soldier vs North Korean Soldier or US Marine vs Chinese Soldier.

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