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In 2001, I went for to Havana, Cuba for ten days, staying at a central hotel near the bars of Hemingway. These are the photographs that I took while there. There are others, but they will have to be included in future issues.


A2-73   Russian produced tank outside the entrance to the “Museum of the Revolution”. Sorry, I do not know what name or model it is.


A2-74   Same tank but from across the road. Note the age of the vehicles parked.


A2-75   Russian tank. This one was inside the museum in its grounds, again name, model and date is a mystery to me.


A2-76   Cuban Aircraft used by the Navy, make and model unknown to me, circa 1958.


A2-77   Cuban aircraft used by the Air Force, make and model unknown to me, although I believe that one of these aircraft was British made and sold to the Cuban Government before the Revolution. Note the man near the wheels.


A2-78 A Sam Missile in use at the time of the Missile Crisis. Note the wrecked jet engine to the front of it. This is given as a U.S. plane shot down during this period. I believe it belonged to the U.S. spy plane that was shot down.


A2-79   A Home Made Armoured Vehicle for the Revolution, based on a tractor with
             thick metal plating.


A2-80  A Home Made Armoured Vehicle for the Revolution, based on a tractor with thick metal plating


A2-81  Side view of A2-79.


A2-82   Same Armoured Vehicle as A2-81, this time you can see the front better and the two “V” rammers, one red the other black.

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