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Intel: Issue A2: Boer War Illustrations

In Military History

A2-1 This is the title page of the journal.


A2-2 An officer of the 16th Lancers in Full Dress.


A2-3 Cyclists of the Lancashire Fusiliers. At this time in Europe there were many units or companies issued with cycles, fine on the road of Europe but not too good in the conditions found in South Africa out of the cities and towns. Note where the rifles are stored by the other ranks.


A2-4 Drum-Major and Drummers of the Coldstream Guards.


A2-5 Army Service Corps. Note the officer on the extreme right of illustration and the N.C.O. & Private in marching order on the left. The N.C.O. has a blanket roll over his shoulder.


A2-6  Viscount Worseley, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army.


A2-7 Major-General Lord Kitchener of Khartoum.


A2-8 Major-General Sir W. Penn Symons, K.C.B.


A2-9 Colonel W. D. Otter, Commanding Officer of the First Canadian Contingent.


A2-10 H.M.S.  “Powerful”


A2-11  The Battle of Ulundi - Final rush of the Zulus.  The British Square in the distance. Last Battle of the Zulu - British War, July 4, 1879. Drawing by R. Caton Woodville.


A2-12   The great assault on Ladysmith - The Devons clearing Wagon Hill, January 6 1900. (The Devon Regiment) Drawing by W.T. Maud.


A2-13 Going out to the attack on Spion Kop on January 24 1900.  Drawing by R. Caton Woodville.


A2-14 A reconnaissance in force with General French\'s cavalry near Colesberg. Drawing by R. Caton Woodville.

There will be another selection in the next issue.

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